Report Description

Forecast Period


Market Size (2023)

USD 56 Billion

CAGR (2024-2029)


Fastest Growing Segment

Passenger Cars

Largest Market


Market Overview

India Automotive Components Market has valued at USD 56 Billion in 2023 and is anticipated to project robust growth in the forecast period with a CAGR of 5.34%. India's automotive components market presents a significant growth opportunity driven by the increasing demand for automobiles and advancements in technology. With the Indian government's push towards electric mobility and stringent emission norms, there has been a marked shift in focus towards developing high-performance, energy-efficient components.

In addition to these factors, the advent of autonomous vehicles and connected car technology is also expected to drive the need for innovative and sophisticated automotive parts. As vehicles become more autonomous and connected, the demand for advanced sensors, communication systems, and computing power will continue to grow. This opens up new possibilities for the automotive components industry to provide cutting-edge solutions that enable seamless integration of these technologies into vehicles.

Furthermore, the rising consumer expectations for comfort, safety, and convenience are also contributing to the demand for advanced automotive components. Consumers today seek features like advanced infotainment systems, driver-assistance technologies, and efficient powertrain solutions. As a result, automotive component manufacturers are focusing on developing products that not only meet these demands but also exceed them.