Report Description

Global Automotive Liftgate market is expected to grow significantly during the upcoming years. The growth in the global automotive liftgate market is due to the rise in luxury vehicle sales and consumers’ shifting focus towards more comfort and features. Consumers are preferring more automatic features in vehicles rather than manually operating them. The market is also growing due to the innovation and upgradation done in automobiles. The rising adoption of electric and autonomous vehicles has also driven the growth of the automotive liftgate market.

Recent Developments in Autonomous Vehicles.

Magna International Inc, a Canada mobility technology provider for automakers, received the 2020 Automotive News PACE Award in April 2020 for the development of its composite space frame liftgate reinforcement solution. Toyota Supra car model uses this automotive liftgate. It is 10% lighter than steel.

Magna International Inc. introduced a thermoplastic automotive liftgate for use in Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ Jeep Cherokee SUV in 2019. Automotive Liftgate is used in the production of critical parts integration with perfect tethering attachments.

Brose Fahrzeugteile has begun production of new automotive liftgates for the Escape SUV model, which includes sensors like the Wii sensor bar with the vehicle's rear bumper at bumper level. A kicking motion is required to open or close the door.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted supply chain and resulted in a shortage of microchips required for the development of hands-free power liftgates. Several automobile manufacturers experienced a shortage of electronic components and limited inventory, causing vehicle production to be delayed. Vehicle manufacturers have been forced to remove features such as automotive liftgates due to a shortage of electronic components such as   microchip issue.

Increasing Demand for Luxury Vehicles

With the increasing disposable income of the global population, the consumer inclination towards purchasing luxury cars is also increasing, causing automobile manufacturers to provide distinguishing features from other models. Furthermore, the growing demand for self-driving vehicles is driving up the demand for automatic liftgates. Furthermore, increased consumer comfort and a dependable driving experience are boosting the global automotive liftgate market.

High Demand for Advanced Technology

The phenomenal growth of the automobile sector is likely to have an impact on the global automotive liftgate market. With the introduction of several innovations and technological upgrades in the automotive sector, such as hands-free regulation of back doors, the global automotive power liftgate market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. In addition, insurance companies offer discounts on insurance premiums for vehicles equipped with cutting-edge technology. This factor is most likely to bode well for the market in the future. Several original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are aiming to introduce high-end technologies in various types of vehicles, which is likely to broaden the scope of growth in the global automotive power liftgate market.

High Cost and Lack of Skilled Workforce

The lack of skilled workforce, as well as component reliability issues and high-cost configuration for the development of power liftgates, may limit market revenue growth. Sensors, actuators, and other electronic units are assembled in a single unit, resulting in a higher price, which raises the product's manufacturing cost. The irregular maintenance and poor handling degrade the quality of the sensing mechanism.