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Maxam Tire expands its product portfolio by launching solid OTR tire

United States: Based in Danvers, U.S., Maxam North America expanded its OTR portfolio by launching a new model of OTR tire MS708. Maxam North America, a subsidiary of industrial and OTR tire giant- Maxam Tire International Ltd., has launched the MS708 for several extreme applications such as mining, waste, recycling etc. The new OTR model is designed for 25-inch rim diameter earthmover wheels for loaders and articulated trucks.

As per the company, the manufacturing process of the new OTR tire includes “all-natural rubber construction process”, which is executed in three stages. Moreover, the tire manufacturing process does not include use of friction based material or crumb rubber. In order to enhance the safety features, the MS708 is designed with wide footprint and modern pattern of traction. Garnering support from “specialized aperture design” coupled with “low durometer centre compound” the MS708 tire is capable of offering smooth ride and enhanced tread life. The company indicated that customers can purchase the MS708 tire from both the distribution centres of Maxam tire U.S., as well as Maxam’s container direct program.

As per the sales director of Maxam Tire North America Inc., Mr. John Overing, the engineering team of Maxam tire has devised the new MS708 model to address the ride issues and complaints raised by customers while using solid OTR tires.

According to a recent report published by TechSci Research, “United States Tyre Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2020” United States automobile market is the second largest automobile market in the world, with a motorization rate (including passenger cars and commercial vehicles) of more than 790 vehicles per 1,000 individuals, in 2014. Increasing disposable income due to strengthening US Dollar, falling oil and food prices, and rising standard of living, are resulting in an increase in production and sales of vehicles in the U.S. Use of heavy commercial vehicles such as backhoe loaders, excavators, wheeled loaders, industrial trucks, dumpers/tippers, skid steer loaders, etc. is quite high in the US construction industry. Moreover, the country’s mining sector is a major contributor to the growing demand for OTR tires, due to abundance of minerals and ores such as coal, copper, gold, silver, lead, iron, uranium, etc., in the country. Further, the construction sector is anticipated to grow during the coming years on the back of increasing commercial and industrial activities in the country. Garnering support from growing construction and mining sector of the U.S. is poised to support the OTR tire market in the country.

As per TechSci Research, expansion of OTR portfolio by the Maxam Tire Inc. is anticipated to support its growth in the U.S. OTR tire market. Therefore, it is expected that the market share of Maxam Tire in the U.S. would witness inclination over the coming years.

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