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M Holland encompasses nylon distribution partnership with Honeywell

United States: M Holland Company, a North America based plastic resin manufacturer, has expanded its partnership with Honeywell Resins and Chemicals, which is a global supplier of resins, and chemicals. The expansion would focus nylon distribution required in flexible packaging applications. The partnership would enable M Holland to provide complete set of resins to high-performance films manufacturers. Additionally, the partnership deed would make M Holland a one-stop-shop for customers associated with film industry. In order to increase its penetration in Central and South America, the company has affirmed its plans to acquire two Puerto Rico, US-based resin distributors, Able International and Tril Export. In addition to Honeywell 6 and 6,6 nylons,  the current product portfolio of M Holland includes LDPE, EVA, EMA, EBA, LLDPE, LLDPEm (elastomers and plastomers), HDPE, HMW HDPE, PP metallocene, PP, COP, RCP, SBC, tie layer resins, among other specialties for use in flexible packaging applications.  

TechSci Research depicts that the company is expanding its product portfolio to cater the increasing demand of the customers from film industry. In addition, this will further strengthen the company market position in the nylon business in the coming years. 

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