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Medical Tourist Visiting Poland for Dental and Plastic Surgery

 Low cost treatment facilities and world class medical expertise attracting large number of medical travellers to Polish clinics in recent years.

As per the recent research report “Poland Medical Tourism Market 2013” published by TechSci Research, more than 70% of the medical tourists have been visiting Polish clinics and hospitals for dental and plastic surgery. Poland offers extremely good value for money to foreign patients, who are attracted not only by the low prices, but also by high-quality medical procedures. Clinics like EMC, Dent-a-Medical, INDEXMEDICA and Pulsmed have been popular among most of the medical tourists visiting Poland for treatment.

According to the report “Poland Medical Tourism Market 2013”, savings on treatment costs can range between 40% to 80% in Poland as compared to most of the western countries and other medical tourism destinations. For instance, Dental Implants cost US$ 2000-10000 in U.S, US$ 3400 in Korea and just US$ 1000 in Poland.

According to Neeraj Chawla, Sr. Consultant at TechSci Research, dental and plastic surgery will continue to dominate the Poland medical tourism industry landscape in the coming years. In his opinion, Polish clinics will emerge as one of the most sought after destinations for dental and plastic surgery due low-cost advantage and its proximity to European countries. He has also highlighted the issue of lack of marketing efforts undertaken by government and associations to promote Poland as a low- cost destination for medical procedures among travellers from European countries.

Poland Medical Tourism Market 2013” gives a detailed and unprejudiced overview of the various aspects of medical tourism industry in Poland. It helps the reader get a complete overview on the latest trends, medical tourism market revenue, number of medical tourist arrivals, and comparison of treatment costs between Poland and other destinations. The report also gives a brief overview of the existing healthcare infrastructure in Poland in terms of number of public and private hospitals, medical personnel, and health resorts.

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