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Poland Medical Tourism Market Revenue to Double by 2013

 Increasing influx of medical tourists and rising per capita spending on medical treatment will drive industry revenues.

According to the new research report “Poland Medical Tourism Market 2013” by TechSci Research, Poland is fast emerging as one of the favoured destinations for medical treatment among international travellers world-wide . The total number of tourists visiting Poland for medical treatments rose to 300,000 during 2009 from a few thousand visitors a decade ago. Most medical travellers have been visiting Polish clinics and hospitals for plastic surgery and dentistry treatment.

According to the report “Poland Medical Tourism Market 2013”, the cost of medical services is very competitive in Polish healthcare facilities depending upon location, procedures and duration of treatment. It is estimated that a medical tour including leisure and tourism activities to Poland can cost less than even 50% of what patients would pay at home. Absence of any waiting time for getting treatment in Polish clinics and hospitals has also contributed towards the popularity of Poland as a favoured destination for medical tourism.

In the opinion of TechSci Research, Poland needs to focus more on promotional and marketing activities in order to attract large number of international travellers to its healthcare facilities. The absence of any marketing and promotional effort could affect the emergence of Poland on the global medical tourism industry landscape and could result in an opportunity loss of millions of dollars in revenue for Polish health clinics and hospitals.

Poland Medical Tourism Market 2013” gives a detailed and unprejudiced overview on the medical tourism market in Poland. The report has critically evaluated all the aspects related to medical tourism market and helps the reader to get a complete overview on the latest trends and the market potential of medical tourism in Poland. This study should be helpful for medical tourism travel service operators, investors, providers of healthcare facilities and other associated partners of medical tourism industry.

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