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Camex Ltd. Signs agreement with Tianjin Yadong Longxin International, China

India: Camex Limited, a Gujarat based dye manufacturer signed a memorandum of understanding with Chinese dye manufacturer, that is, Tianjin Yadong Longxin International Limited for marketing and selling wide range of basic dye intermediates in India. The range of basic dye intermediated include H.acid, Tobias acid, Sulfo Tobias acid and J.acid, etc. The dye intermediates manufactured by Tianjin are primarily used for wool, leather, printing ink, silk and dyestuff manufacturing. The widespread network of Camex Limited utilized for marketing of foreign brand is expected to aid the company in improving revenues.

TechSci Research depicts that the association, which is a part of new foreign investments in the India textile industry, would drive the industry apropos revenue and global expansion. In addition to textile processing, such associations are expected to increase demand for low priced textile chemicals.

According to published report by TechSci Research on “India Textile Chemicals Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2019”, the market is expected to grow at significant pace through 2019. In addition to increase in textile production capacity across the country, the demand for innovative textile products like technical textiles is one of the chief factors driving growth in India textile chemicals. 

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