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Verizon Digital Media’s CDN to Support QUIC

Verizon Digital Media’s CDN to Support QUIC

Verizon Digital Media Services recently accounted that its content delivery network now supports Quick UDP Internet Connections (QUIC) with 125 points of presence globally. The transport protocol aims to lower latency and allows faster digital media performance.

United States: Verizon Digital Media Services recently proclaimed that it has deployed Quick UDP Internet Connections (QUIC) across its content delivery network, with 125 points of presence globally. The transport protocol that is developed by Google, improves web page loading and speed of transaction. Verizon Digital Media Services customers can use QUIC through a simple rules engine change that takes effect within minutes, at no additional cost.

The Chief Technology Officer, Verizon Digital Media Services claims that the company is constantly working for the improvement of its network performance for customers that provide digital media to their end users as quickly, securely and cost-efficiently.

QUIC will improve web application performance across web browsers like Chrome and Opera and select connected devices by decreasing time required to establish a secure connection. It also continues to deliver an active stream, seamlessly and uninterrupted, when an end user changes IP addresses by continuing to use the old connection ID from the new IP address. Combined with next-gen architecture, rapid global points of presence deployment and continual capacity investment, QUIC is the latest demonstration of Verizon Digital Media Services' commitment to designing a content delivery network built for media.

The CEO of Bluekiri claimed the company recently prolonged its relationship with Verizon Digital Media Services to implement QUIC across their sites, including Logitravel, and since implementing QUIC, there has been significant improvement in web performance, as visitors are able to access the information very fast.

Verizon Digital Media Services is part of Oath, a dynamic house of media and technology brands that reaches one billion people around the world, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Verizon Communications. The company offers a leading-edge, end-to-end digital media platform to prepare, deliver, display and monetize online content. The platform is built on a global network that has over 125 points of presence on six continents, ensuring high-quality viewing of digital content on any device, anytime, anywhere. The company’s platform powers websites, apps and OTT video services for many of the world’s largest publishers, media companies and enterprises.

According to TechSci Research, the deployment of Quick UDP Internet Connections (QUIC) by Verizon Digital Services across its Content Delivery Network is likely to have a positive impact on its CDN as it is likely to improve the web page loading and speed of transaction. The move is anticipated to act as a huge driver for the CDN Market as well as Over The Top Market, globally. Growing number of websites streaming media-rich content, increasing adoption of e-commerce & online gaming, and rising smartphone and internet penetration is anticipated to act as a driver for the Global CDN Market in the coming years.

TechSci Research predicts that growing use for online media content over various platforms like smart devices, rapidly increasing smartphone & tablet user base, growing demand for instant messaging services, and internet-based voice and video calling services is likely to drive the OTT market in the next couple of years. Moreover, growing customer inclination towards online audio and videos, increasing adoption of cloud computing, coupled with expanding online gaming user base is expected to further propel growth in global OTT market in the future.

According to the recently published report by TechSci Research, Global Content Delivery Network Market, By Type (Video Vs. Non-Video), By Service Provider (Traditional Content Delivery Network & Others), By Solution, By Adjacent Service, By End User, By Region, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2013 – 2023”, Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) market stood at around $ 7 billion in 2017 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of more than 29% to reach $ 33 billion by 2023, owing to rising smartphone & internet user base, increasing acceptance of Over the Top (OTT) media services and surging popularity of 4K video content. Moreover, increasing focus towards improving performance of websites, reducing latency and mitigating cyber threats is further boosting demand for CDN, globally. Growing digitalization in the BFSI sector, increasing complexity of websites and surging number of traditional media and retail companies adopting digital platform are among the other key factors anticipated to fuel the global CDN market during forecast period.

According to the recently published report by TechSci Research, “Global Over The Top (OTT) Market, By Content Type (VoIP, Text & Media, Video), By Platform, By Deployment Model, By Service Type, By User Type, By Revenue Model, By End User, By Region, Competition Forecast and Opportunities, 2011-2021”, global OTT market is projected to surpass $64.9 billion by 2021, on account of growing trend of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), rising adoption of cloud computing, expanding market for Internet of Things (IoT). Netflix accounted for the highest market share in global OTT market in 2015, and the company is anticipated to maintain its dominance in the coming years on account of growing video streaming business and rising number of partnerships of Netflix with various local content providers, globally. In 2015, media & entertainment sector was the largest end-user of OTT market. Increasing demand for online content such as online publishing, Internet TV, online advertising, and online short & long videos, is anticipated to fuel exchange of online content in media & entertainment sector, which is expected to translate into media & entertainment sector maintaining its dominance in the global OTT market during the forecast period. 

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