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Watch Out for Industries Boosting Glass Mat Applications in the United States:

What is Glass Mat and its applications?

The Glass Mat can be defined as a mat which is woven out of selective glass fibers so as to impart exclusive properties such as good acid resistance, flexibility, light-weight and many more. The glass mats are well suited for high-end applications in automobile, building & construction, chemical, marine, sports & leisure and various other industries. The easy to process glass mats are enabling the industries to use it in combination with variety of separators to manufacture a range of products, including invertors, UPS, automobile & solar batteries, etc. As a result, the growing applications in broad array of end user industries are anticipated to propel the Global Glass Mat Market over the coming years. 

How is United States a Potent Market for Glass Mat?

The United States is offering enormous market growth opportunities for the Glass Mat market owing to the tremendous developments in the construction industry. Furthermore, the country is witnessing deployment of grid scale batteries to generate solar and wind energy in the United States, which is further bolstering the demand for glass mats. In addition to this, the US is not far behind in introducing and launching stop-start engine systems for automobiles, which is expected to augment the demand for glass mat at a robust pace.

  •            Numerous Applications in the Real Estate Infrastructure and Construction Industry:

The building and construction industry has long remained one of the major contributors to the economy of the United States. The increasing population is probing the development of many housing or residential projects in the nation. Moreover, the concept of luxurious and spacious homes among affluent Americans is fueling the application of glass mat in bathroom fittings & fixtures, light-weight wall panels, residential sky lights, etc. The growing hospitality industry of the country is further driving the applications of glass mat in swimming pools, building sky lights, etc.

Companies such as VELUX America LLC are inducing innovations in their product range by offering leak proof and solar powered ‘fresh air’ skylights for their customers in US.

Partial List of US Construction Projects, As of 2017

§ Demand for Absorptive Glass Mat Driven by Start-Stop Technology for Vehicles:

The ability of glass mat to prevent oxidation, shedding and heating of car batteries due to exposure to acids is propelling the demand for valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries in the United States. The absorptive glass mat is extensively consumed to manufacture VRLA batteries for fork-lift applications, golf carts, two-wheelers, electric vehicles, etc. in the nation. However, the advent of start-stop engine systems for passenger and commercial vehicles would expedite the demand for glass mat in US through 2026. 
International automotive players such as Toyota and Ford are implementing start-stop technology as a measure to save fuel and gas which is spearheading the demand for glass mat in US.

  •          US Wind Energy is offering Lucrative Market for Glass Mat Manufacturers:
The glass mat delivers an optimum strength to weight ratio to wind blades at an affordable price, which is significantly driving its demand across the US wind energy sector. According to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), US is set to deliver 10% of America’s electricity by 2020, subsequently impacting the glass mat industry as well.
 US Installed Wind Power Capacity, As of Quarter 3 of 2017 (MW)


In conclusion, the Global Glass Mat market is projected to register a healthy growth at a CAGR of 4.83% during the forecast period, rising from USD931.5 Million in 2016 to nearly USD1492.9 Million by the end of 2026. The growth in the global glass mat market can be attributed to the spurring demand from various end user industries such as building & construction, automotive, chemical and many others. Moreover, tremendous investments in several wind energy projects in developing economic nations such as China, Japan, India, etc. are catering to the demand for glass mat offering advantageous features in the form of light weight, anti-corrosive nature, high tensile strength and superior finish.

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