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Indian Tablet PC Market to Surpass USD 800 Million by 2016

 With a new concept in the consumer electronics field, and a young tech-savvy population of India – The Tablet PC’s sales are bound to grow many folds in next five years

The Tablet PC market in India is one of the fastest growing markets around the globe. With its introduction in July 2010 in India, the market has witnessed huge growth in terms of demand, shipments and emergence of various players, national & international, in the industry. The figures and the growth rate indicate that the Tablet PC market is still a niche market in India and has huge potential in the coming years.

Such phenomenal success of Tablet PC in India can be credited to the fact that Tablet PC, loaded with almost all the features of a Laptop and a notebook, is handy and friendly to use. Moreover some Tablet PC’s are also available with a feature of making a live call, which makes it a mini laptop cum phone.

Though the major Tablet PC’s in India continue to be at high cost, yet according to TechSci Research the prices are all set to drastically fall in the near future owing to the emergence of various low cost Tablet PC’s. The glaring example of such a phenomenon is the much talked about “Aakash” Tablet by Datawind and IIT Rjasthan which claims itself to be the cheapest tablet in the world.

There are many new players which are in the development phase of Tablet PC’s specifically designed for the Indian consumers. In the coming years, consumers will have a wide range of Tablet PC’s to choose from. There will be many players in the industry and the shift from laptops and notebooks to Tablet PC’s will strongly contribute to the robust demand of Tablet PC in India which will in turn continue to drive this industry. “India is a price sensitive market and the only challenge for the Tablet PC’s growth will be the prices for the international players. With increasing penetration of computing devices in India, the sales of Tablet PC’s will definitely increase many folds making it a USD 800 Million market by 2016” said Karan Chechi, Research Director with TechSci Research.

India Tablet PC’s Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2016” gives a detailed and unprejudiced overview on the Tablet PC’s market in India. The report has critically evaluated all the aspects related to computing devices market and helps the reader to get a complete overview on the latest trends and the market potential of Tablet PC’s in India. This study should be helpful for PC Vendors, Channel Partners, Application Developers, Processor Manufacturers and other stakeholders of Tablet PC industry.


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