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Kemira Plans to Expand Production Line of ASA in China

China: Kemira Oyj, a Finland based global chemicals company, is planning a huge investment to magnify its existing production line of sizing agent (ASA) at Nanjing Chemical Industry Park, Jiangsu Province, China. This investment is going to boost Kemira’s ASA production capacity significantly and will help the company in strengthening its position in ASA business segment in Asia-Pacific region and globally. The company is set to install the next generation ASA-technology to uplift the performance and cater well to their sizing customers in the region. The new capacity is expected to be operational by late 2017. With this expansion, the company is also aiming to increase their footprint in the Asian pulp and paper market which is growing at an annual rate of 3 percent.

TechSci Research depicts that this new capacity expansion would aid Kemira Oyj to boost its position and enhance their customer base, especially in Asia-Pacific region. Various new investments lined up in China, India and the rest of South East Asia over printing and writing paper machines is expected to increase the company’s overall share in the Indonesia Pulp & Paper chemicals market.

According to a recent report published by TechSci Research, Indonesia Pulp & Paper Chemicals Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2020”, the pulp and paper chemicals market in Indonesia is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 12% till 2020. As Indonesia is one of the largest pulp and paper manufacturing countries in South East Asia, the country continues to be a major hotspot for chemical companies operating in pulp and paper chemicals market. Segment wise, functional and coating chemicals dominated the market in 2014 on account of their increasing use in tissue and packaging paper manufacturing. In addition, Indonesia largely exports pulp and paper to other major markets across Southeast Asia, which is further propelling the demand for pulp and paper chemicals in the country.

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