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Schneider Launches Advanced Software Application for Improved Water Distribution Network

The French company showcased its 30 years of development by launching Aquis 7.0, an advanced software application for water distribution network management.

France: Schneider Electric, the leading player in energy management and automation, has launched an advanced software application, Aquis 7.0 which would aid improvement in already existing water distribution network management. The company’s new software reduces the operation and energy costs associated with water distribution activities, thereby improving control of water distribution networks. This software helps operators to avoid the unplanned events impacting their water distribution network by providing them with information about the predicted behaviour of their water networks. The improvements introduced in Aquis 7.0 helps customers to reduce operational and management risk, by allowing them to access the forecast network behavior, thereby improving the efficiency by 25 percent. The specific improvements introduced in Aquis 7.0 include faster operator communications for improved collaboration, fast and enhanced hydraulic engine management, improved display of control mode of pumps and valves and enhanced functionality.

TechSci Research depicts that with the launch of this advanced software application, Schneider is projected to establish a strong hold in the water management systems market on account of shifting trend towards energy efficient water systems. This innovation would further aid the growing water pumps industry globally.  

According to the recently published report by TechSci Research, Global Water Pumps Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2020”, the global water pumps market is expected to surpass USD54 billion by 2020. Centrifugal pumps is the dominant segment in the market, while positive displacement pumps is the fastest growing segment. Water and wastewater treatment (W&WWT) industry is the largest end user of water pumps and is anticipated to witness significant growth over the next five years. Other application industries for water pumps include power, chemicals, and oil & gas industries, among others. Rapid industrialization, increasing urbanization, and rise in water & wastewater treatment service tariffs are also expected to drive growth in global water pumps market through 2020.

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