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India Power Market to leapfrog driven by strong demand

 In its recently published research report “India Power Market Forecast And Opportunities 2014”, TechSci Research has recommended a strong business opportunity in the Indian power sector which is currently facing acute shortage on account of rapidly increasing demand.

According to the “India Power Market Forecast And Opportunities 2014” power is an important infrastructure sector of Indian economy which has been given adequate fiscal benefits by the government to induce investments in the sector. Even as India is fifth largest consuming nation of power in the world, the per capita consumption of electricity is very low. The present total installed capacity of power generation in India has reached 1,63,669.8 megawatts still there is a peak demand shortage of around 14.8% and an energy deficit of 8.4% in the country.

The Indian government has introduced certain necessary changes in its regulatory structure to enhance investment flow in the sector which can resolve the under-capacity problems. Modernisation and adoption of latest technology has been done in distribution segment to reduce the burden of losses.

The Government of India has an ambitious mission of ‘POWER FOR ALL BY 2012’. This mission would require that installed generation capacity should be at least 2,00,000 MW by 2012 from the present level of 1, 14,000 MW. Government has also undertaken setting up of nine ultra-mega power plants with 4000 megawatt of capacity each requiring investment of Rs. 16000 Crore.

India Power Market Outlook & Forecast 2014” gives an unbiased overview on the Indian power market and associated segments. It will help the reader get familiar with current and expected future trends with respect to Indian power market. According to TechSci Research, flow of public as well as private investment will increase in coming years, in-turn the power equipment segment will see huge surge in demand.

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