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Would you want to feel what it means to be a consultant? Do you feel fascinated knowing that you will have the option to create your own career path? Do you target to accomplish something different or do things differently? Do you believe in team work as an opportunity for growth? If yes, then we strongly recommend you to apply for an internship at TechSci Research, the world’s leading company in research based management consulting. TechSci Research’s global internship program give students from various industry backgrounds and specialisations opportunity to learn more about what a career in consulting means. We deploy interns on real / live projects and are mentored by TechSci consultants, getting the true feel of the TechSci experience and the life of a consultant.

At, TechSci we assign client projects and allocate particular portion of the work to interns. The interns are also encouraged to participate in team meetings and client interactions which gives them an opportunity to feel the day-to-day work of professional consultants. The internship program at TechSci offers many various opportunities for interaction with senior consultants at TechSci as well as clients senior leadership.

The internship programs at TechSci ranges from 8 weeks to 12 weeks, an internship is a perfect assessment to evaluate a ‘common fit’ program which lets you know about the consulting business, TechSci Research also gets to know you. The orientation and training sessions are aimed at providing vision for the consulting profession. The entire internship program is also one of the best ways to meet TechSci’s most important asset—its people. By attending training modules, working on live projects with other consultants and participating in official social events, interns can get to know the people they may one day work become at TechSci.