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Product Review: New Welch Allyn® PanOptic™ Plus Ophthalmoscope and Welch Allyn® MacroView® Plus Otoscope

Healthcare | Jun, 2021

Rapid advancements originated in physical assessment tools over the years have made diagnostic interventions less meticulous task for healthcare providers and safer for patients. When it comes to routine physical check-ups that include the examination of eyes and ears, it becomes of utmost importance to use the right kind of tools that do not damage the organs and enable better diagnosis. Panoptic ophthalmoscopes have become widely popular among doctors in recent years due to their ability to examine the eye five times better than a regular tool without dilating the pupil. Whereas digital otoscopes are becoming the preferred option to check the health status of ears as they provide better images with the help of an attached camera and illumination while ensuring enhanced patient comfort. With the growing demand for modern physical assessment tools, Hillrom launched highly advanced physical assessment tools, New Welch Allyn® PanOptic™ Plus Ophthalmoscope and Welch Allyn® MacroView® Plus Otoscope to support earlier diagnosis and treatment. 


The newly introduced tools represent progress built on more than a century of Hillrom’s innovation in physical assessment tools to set modern and new standards of care in the examination room. The extraordinary innovations can be complete game-changers to help improve patient outcomes during routine eye and ear check-ups. Accurate diagnosis leveraging the high-advanced tools would assist clinicians to provide early treatment, that can further prevent risks and infections in the eyes or ears from expanding. Allowing brighter and larger views, around 20-times larger than the current Welch Allyn coaxial ophthalmoscope and 3-times larger than traditional otoscope, the hi-tech devices make learning easier and faster, thus saves time and money allowing physicians to accelerate the process. 


Welch Allyn® PanOptic™ Plus Ophthalmoscope

The portable and comfortable to use Welch Allyn® PanOptic™ Plus Ophthalmoscope emits a beam of polarized light towards the eye of the patient and its wider view allows physicians to see the retina properly without even dilating the pupils. The tool just blacks out the ambient light and offers a 25-degree field of vision to facilitate good examination. The diopters, light colors, and apertures can be easily adjusted without “losing the spot” during the examination. Featuring Quick Eye Alignment Technology and disc-alignment lights, the PanOptic Plus Ophthalmoscope assists physicians in better direct a patient’s gaze. 


The next-generation wide-view ophthalmoscope has been redesigned in form and feel. The standard ophthalmoscope incorporates DuraShockTM technology for enhanced reliability and long-lasting LED lamps to cut down on the need for lamp replacement. Compatible with 3.5 V power sources and wall transformers, PanOptic plus Ophthalmoscope is usually paired with Li-ion plus power handle for increased efficiency. The physical layout control of the Ophthalmoscope can be manipulated without interrupting your vision or change the patient’s head position. Also, the assessment tool helps to maintain some distance between the patient and the physicians, which avoids awkward leaning in and helps to maintain personal space. Welch Allyn® PanOptic™ Plus Ophthalmoscope forms an essential part of the toolkit, a quantum leap forward in assessment capabilities. In a busy ED, the PanOptic lets physicians perform funduscopic examination with ease. 


Compared to direct devices, a Panoptic Ophthalmoscope is expensive but someone who values accuracy might not worry much about the price. 


Welch Allyn® MacroView® Plus Otoscope

Welch Allyn MacroView Plus Otoscope is one of the most reliable otoscopes in the market today. Whether you want to use an otoscope in a busy medical ward or at home, the digital MacroView Otoscope can make ear examinations less complicated. The sophisticated tool utilizes fiber optics to provide a defined light with no reflection. The halogen light emitted by the scope helps to highlight true skin tissue color tones and facilitates physicians to make a better prognosis. The new Welch Allyn MacroView Otoscope features a LumiView clear ear speculum, that provides four times more brightness than a standard ear speculum. Thus, the MacroView Plus otoscope enables clinicians to carry out the examination quickly and transcend swiftly from optical exam to digital image capture. 


MacroView otoscope offers the advantage of focusing easily using a dial, which can be beneficial if the physician wears glasses. The unobtrusive light in combination with a wide-angle lens provides superior results. The otoscopy tool can be connected to Hillrom’s free iExaminer Pro App that allows clinicians to secure, save and share ear images, which could further help in tracking, trending, and consultations with specialists. The built-in throat illuminator has been added for enhanced functioning and assistance for medical professionals. The next-gen MacroView Plus Otoscope is compatible with 3.5 V power handles. Providing 30% greater magnification than traditional otoscopes, MacroView is considered one of the best models available in the market today for making appropriate diagnoses of ears. 


Other Advanced Ophthalmoscope/Otoscopy Tools 

Heine BETA200/ 200 S Ophthalmoscope 

Crafted with an aluminum frame, BETA200/ 200 S Ophthalmoscope comprises 28 single lenses Rekoss Disc and 74 single-diopter steps along with LED with continuous bright light. The BETA200 S LED illumination facilitates 100,000 working hours without even changing the bulb. The dustproof design keeps the optical components precise and accurate without any maintenance. The ophthalmoscope is perfect for small pupils. The recessed windows reduce distractions by preventing any stray light and avoid diopter jumps.


Keeler Professional Ophthalmoscope

Providing control at the fingertips, the Keeler Professional Ophthalmoscope is designed to ensure ultimate control. The Xenon illumination enables bright, white, and long-lasting light along with enhanced power and it requires fewer bulb changes. The comprehensive lens ranges from +29D to -30D in a single diopter facilitates easy examination of all ocular structures and speed up diagnosis. The positive action easy access maywheel enable greater control during operation, which further helps in faster diagnosis. 


Vitcoco Otoscope 

The Vitcoco Otoscope comes with a 5-megapixel endoscope-like camera surrounded by 6 LEDs that enable inspection of your ear as well as others. The device requires to be connected with a smartphone in order to display what’s inside the ear. The brightness of the LEDs can be adjusted to get clear imaging. The user can attack scoop-like tools at the end of the scope to remove wax from the ears. The IP67 lens with a focal length of 1.5-2 cm (closer than earlier otoscopes) is waterproof. The design of the otoscope and picture quality are impressive. 


Rotek Digital Otoscope 1080P

The Rotek Digital Otoscope comes with 2-megapixel resolution, fixed focal length, and rechargeable batteries. The ROTEK mini ear otoscope comes with adapter tools, an ultra-slim 3.9 mm camera, and size adjustable LED lights. The endoscope ear pick camera takes clear-shot pictures and quality videos on color IPS screen, and the user can browse pictures and videos. Using the otoscope, one can live view of the ear and remove earwax completely. The otoscope works great for pets as well. However, the 4.5-inch display does not require a Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth, or smartphone, which leads to a more convenient experience for physicians. 



Despite huge medical advancements in the past few decades, 80% of diagnoses are made from the physical assessment of the patient. Advanced care or testing is crucial for early treatment and prevention thus hi-tech tools are making their way into the market to fulfill the requirements of the patients. Hillrom has always been a market leader for introducing innovation in physical assessment tools and the Welch Allyn PantOptic Plus and MacroView Plus are evident of the recent development. Enhancing the experience of users and patients, these modern tools make the job of physicians much easier. 

According to Techsci research report on “Global Ophthalmic Equipment Market By Product (Vision Care Products, Ophthalmology Surgical Devices, Diagnostic and Monitoring Devices, Others) By Application (Glaucoma, Amblyopia, Cataract, Retinal Detachment, Others) By End User (Hospitals & Clinics, Ambulatory Care Centers, Others) By Region, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2026”, the global ophthalmic equipment market is anticipated to grow at a formidable CAGR during the forecast period. The growth can be attributed to the rising incidences of eye diseases due to excessive screen use, diabetics, poor eye care, etc. as well as surge in demand for surgical and diagnostic interventions.

According to another Techsci research report on “Global Diagnostic Imaging Market By Product Type ( Architecture (Open/Closed), By Field Strength (High and Very-High Field MRI Systems), By Systems (Ultrasound Systems, Nuclear Imaging Systems, X-Ray Imaging Systems, CT Scanner, MRI System, Mammography System, Fluoroscopy), By Portability (Stationary, Portability), By Application (OB/Gyn, Orthopaedic, Musculosekeletal, Neuro &Spine, General Imaging, Cardio &Thoracic, Breast health, Others), By End Users (Hospitals, Diagnostic Imaging Centers, Others), By Region, Forecast & Opportunities, 2016-2026F”, global diagnostic imaging market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.72% during the forecast period, owing to rising geriatric population and introduction of advanced medical technologies. 

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