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Product Review: Carestream DRX-Compass X-ray System

Carestream DRX-Compass X-ray System

Healthcare | Jun, 2021

X-ray is one of the oldest imaging modalities that has been experiencing a rapid transformation ever since artificial intelligence (AI) came into the picture just a few years ago. Digital X-rays accompanied with AI tools automatically recognize the complex patterns in imaging data and provide quantitative as well as qualitative radiographic characteristics and thereby automates the process of identifying potential biomarkers. While an average radiologist takes around 3-4 seconds to interpret one image, his/her 8-hours shift is not enough to fulfill the growing demands of imaging whereas AI provides greater efficiency in clinical care. Additionally, leveraging AI with imaging workflow eliminates the chances of errors and achieves objectives with minimum manual input. Therefore, many MedTech companies are seamlessly integrating AI into their digital X-ray systems to help clinicians produce excellent outputs, minimize the workload of radiologists, and reduce errors to a significant extent. 


Leading the innovation in diagnostic imaging capabilities, Carestream Healthcare has launched its DRX-Compass X-ray System, designed to provide a flexible and scalable approach to digital imaging. Built for use in mid-tier hospitals and medical imaging centers, the X-ray systems provide superb image quality that supports accurate diagnosis and enhances workflow efficiency. The comprehensive digital unit can be customized by the customers with the flexibility choose the X-ray components ideal for their clinical facility and improvise the system to accommodate future needs. The upgradable and user-friendly X-ray system comes with a variety of advanced features and options that could help to increase the productivity of radiologists as well as deliver convenience to the patients. 


With AI-based smart features such as auto-tracking, auto-centering, and optional tilting wall, the Carestream DRX-Compass X-ray system supports a wide range of examinations, which adds to the versatility of the device. The digital unit has been developed for easy positioning to reduce set-up time and increase throughput at every medical facility. Its intuitive graphical user interface makes the device easy to operate and allows for secure, swipe-and-go login, thus the X-ray system helps to minimize the training time for technicians. For people who have trouble standing or young children who cannot hold still, the DRX-Compass X-ray system has an auto long-length imaging option, which enables the X-ray source to track and expose detector over the anatomical region to be examined. The advanced automatic image stitching and overlap blending tool also automatically analyzes the anatomical edges in the overlap region and stitches the captured images with high geometric accuracy. 


The DRX-Compass X-ray system allows one to navigate new directions in performance with the right selection of advanced features. The image preview display on the tube head facilitates technologists to remain with the patient in the examination room during the exam and accelerates workflow by providing seamless system integration. Matching the color-coded buttons on the tube-head handle with the color on overhead rails, the technologists can provide optimal precision when setting up the view. Providing angulation from -20 to 90 degrees, the optional wall stand tilt assists in easy patient positioning during cross-table examinations. Because vertical patient positioning directly affects dosage and image noise, the auto-centering option allows the user to appropriately position the tube stand remotely through a control console with a push of a button. Thus, auto-centering helps to optimize workflow, maintain consistency in technique, and eliminate angulation errors. Auto Collimation feature assists in auto-positioning for fastening the whole imaging process and enhance ease of use. 


Powered by Eclipse Imaging processing, Carestream’s ImageView clinical acquisitions software included in the diagnostic imaging system allows patient care in a single platform as well as securely increases the productivity of the clinicians. The eclipse imaging processing enables adjusting, manipulating, viewing, and tuning images just as the clinicians want. Also, the highly advanced image processing tool utilizes AI technology and proprietary algorithms that help to simply workflow through enhanced image quality and optimal dose efficiency. DRX-Compass system offers a variety of detectors for every facility, from wireless to shareable and fixed to glass-free models for accommodating the demands based on exam type, dosage level, and budget.


Offering wholesome benefits of a digital X-ray room, the newly launched DRX-Compass is an ideal option for rural, community, or private hospitals, urgent care centers, orthopedic, and large radiology centers. The X-ray system is highly adaptable and can be fitted in specific locations by making the right selection of components as per the requirements and available space. The digital system has been instituted to provide the user with the best experience even in the most complex cases. DRX-Compass is the perfect choice for clinical facilities that desire to move from analog to a digital system as it can easily fit in the budget and can scaled up the device to meet future needs with minimal downtime. 


Trending Digital X-ray Systems

Discovery XR656 Plus 

GE Healthcare recently launched Discovery XR656, a premium digital radiographic system to provide enhanced clinical confidence and increase workflow efficiency. Equipped with advanced applications such as VolumeRAD and Dual Energy Subtraction, the X-ray system offers advance clinical capabilities, addresses complex clinical needs, and access areas of uncertainties. The VolumeRAD provides multiple images of anatomy including chest, abdomen, extremities, and spine at a low dose while removing overlying structures and thus provides a better visualization experience. The Dual Energy Subtraction has the potential to acquire multiple images at different energy levels within a short span of seconds and process the image as a standard radiographic image. The Discovery XR656 Plus also features FlashPad GE wireless digital detector with ultra-wideband technology that ensures a reliable and independent connection in the hospital networking infrastructure. The detector is primarily designed for digital use and to gain more control over workflow. 


RadPRO Mobile 40kW FLEX Digital X-Ray System

The portable RadPRO Mobile 40kW FLEX Digital X-Ray System is designed to accelerate examination procedures and customize workflows with existing HIS/RIS. The device allows clinicians to streamline processes by eliminating unnecessary steps and switch between image acquisition seamlessly. The digital X-ray system enables healthcare professionals to perform routine imaging tasks from the patient’s bedside as well as image verification efficiently. The X-ray system consists of a telephonic column and fast processing times that provide mobility, power-saving advantages, and high-quality diagnostic images, which makes RADPRO easy to maneuver in restricted spaces and corridors. Also, the patented wireless distributed antennae system increases wireless range capacity up to 40%, and thus improves flexibility and efficiency for clinicians.


Siemens Ysio Max Digital Radiography System

Seimens Ysio Max X-ray system features detectors and usability features that improve imaging and fasten exam time. The digital radiography system assists clinicians to achieve optimal images with minimal efforts with features such as MAXalignMAX wi-D, and MAX Mini. The X-ray system helps to eliminate unnecessary radiation exposure, lower associated costs of exams, keep patients safer, and can be used for a wide variety of exam types and patients. The onboard touch display provides information on one screen to monitor the patients and avoid excess patient dosages. Siemens Ysio Max Digital also contain motorization and tracking feature to lower the workload of healthcare providers. 



DRX-Compass is a diagnostic imaging system for customers looking to adopt a new digital platform for reducing lengthy processing times and identify biomarkers effectively. As the digital radiography would expand, equipment and accessories are going to become areas of concerns therefore OEMs are focusing more on cloud-based technology, AI-based tools, and portability factors while designing radiography solutions for the future needs.


According to TechSci research report onGlobal Digital X-ray Systems Market By Technology (Computed Radiography v/s Direct Radiography), By Modality (Fixed v/s Mobile), By Application (General Radiography, Dental Applications, Mammography, Others) By End Users (Diagnostic Centers, Hospitals & Clinics, Others), By Region, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2026”, the global digital X-ray is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.45% during the forecast period. The growth can be attributed to the rising incidences of diseases/tumors, dental disorders, pulmonary diseases, etc. as well as introduction of novel X-ray technology by key players. Moreover, increasing awareness towards health checkups and changing lifestyle are contributing to the growth of global digital X-ray system during the forecast period.

According to another TechSci research report on “Global Diagnostic Imaging Market By Product Type ( Architecture (Open/Closed), By Field Strength (High and Very-High Field MRI Systems), By Systems (Ultrasound Systems, Nuclear Imaging Systems, X-Ray Imaging Systems, CT Scanner, MRI System, Mammography System, Fluoroscopy), By Portability (Stationary, Portability), By Application (OB/Gyn, Orthopaedic, Musculosekeletal, Neuro &Spine, General Imaging, Cardio &Thoracic, Breast health, Others), By End Users (Hospitals, Diagnostic Imaging Centers, Others), By Region, Forecast & Opportunities, 2016-2026F”, global diagnostic imaging market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.72% during the forecast period. The growth can be attributed to the rising geriatric population and increasing initiatives of government in all regions. But the cost-expensiveness of digital imaging procedure and high maintenance of the device can become a challenge for the market growth. 

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