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Problems Apple Won’t Tell You About iPhone X?

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ICT | Nov, 2017

Key Takeaways:

  •          Few people were given a chance to test the new iPhone X for a week but this much time isn’t much to go through the specs as the problem may arise after long term use that isn’t identified in time.
  •         With in few months of launch of iPhone X, Apple will frequently update their system, which might take an hour or full night hours giving less chances for user to enjoy the new features of the phone.
  •          Apple updates might solve some problem but could easily create greater issues for the phone. 
  • The iPhone is the most exclusive thing that is going to happen in this era since the launch of iPhone 6. If someone is buying the phone from the start, customer feel like a beta tester because many of the app have not been updated and doesn’t work perfectly. This is happening due to the major API changes. This is causing concern to app developers as they need to get an iPhone X to check whether if their app is going to work and make the appropriate changes. One of the instance was that “Google Photos” app was updated for adaptability to new screen size of iPhone.

Is Your iPhone X Safe? Can Face ID Detector be Hacked?

There have been number of reports of people claiming that customers were able to fool Face ID so that they can unlock someone else’s iPhone X. There were few instances that identical twin or another family member were able to unlock each other’s phones. Apple has already confirmed that people, who look like you might be able to unlock your iPhone X by twins or a family member. In a statement on Face ID security by Apple, they said it is not recommended for children to use Face ID as their facial features are still at the stage of developing, though Apple has claimed that it is hard to fool Face ID.

There was another instance, where Vietnamese security firm has claimed that it has bypassed Face ID using a silicon mask, 2-D images of eyes & mouth and 3-D printed frame. It can be a threat to the privacy for the people, whose iPhone X would be in demand or of a celebrity.

iPhone X Handsets: than why one Apparently Slower than the other?

There are big differences in processing or operating speed among different iPhone X handsets because Apple lacks uniformity in using components in all of its iPhone X handsets. Difference in speed generally depends on the modem used in iPhone X handset. Apple uses baseband modems of different suppliers (Qualcomm or Intel) inside the iPhone X. since Intel’s modem is faster than Qualcomm, this has end up in having some handsets apparently slower than others.

The Screen isn’t Bright as People Thought So

As per the specification iPhone X screen maxes to 625 nits, which is said to pretty good brightness as the industry average of 300 nits in smartphone that is considered good. But the Apple iPhones brightness is not even close to Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Recent spec test on Note 8 shows it has maximum brightness up to 1,240 nits. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the world first brightest smartphone display.

Camera Dissatisfaction for the customers

As Apple has been promoting iPhone X’s True-Depth camera system and its innovative ability to recognize face for unlock iPhone securely and also let customers to animate faces with emojis, these specifications are certainly same as the iPhone 7’s. Apple’s iPhone X is using the same actual camera as iPhone 7 but with the improved quality of sensor and image processing.

Shift in Colours of display as seen Off-Angle

Owners of iPhone X might face similar experience faced by Google’s pixel 2 XL owner. iPhone X is packed with advance calibrated screen and TrueTone technology, which constantly shifts the balance of the display depending on ambient light condition. iPhone X display may suffer from the loss of accurate colours, when looking from the side and that mainly for bright images that look burned.

Battery Life Good but Not that Great

The iPhone X endured very good 10 hours and 49 minutes on the testing phase. This run time has beaten iPhones 8’s 9:54 Hours as well as Samsung Galaxy S8’ 10:39. Apple ’s new phone also recorded more endurance than LG V30, which was about 6:30 hours. Apple states that iPhone X last 2 hours longer than iPhone 7, which is 9:03 hours. The Google’s Pixel 2, which also consist OLED display, has 12 hours and 9 minutes, making it one of the longest lasting phones. Other android powered phones outlast iPhone X including Galaxy Note 8 and galaxy S8+.   

Green Line Appears on The Screen

Small number of iPhone users have noticed persistent green line on the right or left side of the screen. User who are aware of it told that the line does not appear, when you first turn on the phone, but it can be seen later on.

Crackling Sound in Speakers at High Volume

Some of iPhone user have reported crackling sound when the speaker volume is at high level. This problem is seeming to be limited as similar problem on the iPhone 8 was attributed to a software use there, after patch was released to address the problem. It is unclear for the iPhone X is problem due to hardware or software.                        

Severe Letter Boxing that will Kill your Mood

Many of the app have been designed to run in a 16:9 aspect ratio not 19:5:9. This can be seen most commonly with high ended graphical games. As result, running of such games in iPhone X causes large virtual bezels.

UI Overwriting that won’t Help the Apps?

The lack of home button has created many problems before in the iPhones, will this cause remain the same in the new iPhone X? Many apps are created in such a way that they assume that customers won’t be able to see anything at the bottom of the screen as they are also created for android users due to which UI’s become messy. Other app in general can’t deal with the horizontal bar, which indicated the if customer swipe up he will directly have sent to go home or the status of the phone.      

Problem with Apple Watch Series 3

Apple watch 3 connects to wireless network, which screws up LTE connectivity, since watch 3 is effectively creating a dead end, then doubling down on it. The feature to shift back and forth between connectivity path can cause some problem that can’t be managed by the watch. With launch of iPhone X, Apple will work for better features and upgrade the watch series 3 to attract the customers.

According to The report published by TechSci “Global LTE Consumer Devices Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2020”, global market for LTE consumer devices projected to grow at a CAGR of more than 26% during 2015 - 2020. Rising adoption of LTE technology in emerging economies, increasing number of new LTE enabled registered devices, such as cameras and other wearable devices, mounting Machine-to-Machine connections, Internet of Things (IoT) and declining global average selling prices of LTE devices is projected to propel growth in global LTE consumer devices market through 2020.

Samsung and Apple are expected to continue their market domination; however, their respective market shares are expected to decline over the course of next five years.  

Growing use of Smart Watches

Rising number of technology advancements, growing shift towards standardized connectivity, increasing innovation in smartwatch designs and growing focus on development of app ecosystems is driving usage of smartwatch for personal assistance across the globe. Personal assistance applications of smartwatch include calendar management, task management, information management, etc., which helps user complete task in real time.

TechSci Research, “Global Smartwatch Market, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2012-2021”,Global smartwatch market is projected to grow at a CAGR of more than 25% during 2016-2021, on account of increasing smartphone user base, rising per capita spending on consumer electronics coupled with increasing awareness about health & fitness devices across the globe.

Further, rising usage of third party applications, increasing focus of smartwatches manufacturers towards R&D coupled with increasing adoption of smart technology based devices by youth population is driving demand for smartwatches across the globe. Further, increasing disposable income, growing young population coupled with changing lifestyles is also fuelling demand for smartwatches across the globe

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