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Major Innovations in Elevator & Escalators

Infrastructure | May, 2023

As urbanization continues to grow at a rapid pace around the globe, the demand for vertical transportation has been proliferating in skyscrapers and high-rise buildings. The past few years have seen a steady evolution in elevator and escalator technologies with the integration of innovative AI technology and cloud services. Some of the recent advancements and innovations in the vertical transportation sector includes the introduction of smart elevators, rope-less elevator-MULTI, AI, and Internet of Things, extended reality technology, among others. These advancements in technology have made vertical transportation smarter and more accessible. Besides, digitalization has opened new horizons for elevator and escalator manufacturers, prompting them to rethink their offerings and introduce faster, safer, and more entertaining—next gen elevator tech.  

Smart Elevators: The Next Big Trend

The ever-evolving technological landscape has led to consumers demanding newer and innovative features from lift systems. Modern lifts require to be space-saving, energy-efficient, sustainable, time-efficient, low-maintenance, cost-friendly, safe, and durable. Smart elevators have provided a new wave of advancement in vertical transportation, allowing better monitoring performance, enabling real-time maintenance decisions, etc. remotely. Smart elevators are outfitted with cutting-edge technology and connectivity features that enhance their effectiveness, security, and general performance. These elevators are proving to be more efficient than the traditional ones since they are less time-consuming and more cost-effective. Overall, smart elevators provide several benefits over traditional elevators, including improved efficiency, safety, and maintenance. They are particularly useful in high-rise buildings where elevator traffic can be heavy and waiting times can be long. Here are some of the smart elevator trends for 2023.