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Is Vertical Farming the Future of Urban Agriculture?

Agriculture | Feb, 2022

More than half the world’s population (approximately 4 billion) live in urban areas. As people continue to migrate from rural to urban areas, the global urban population is anticipated to reach around 7 billion people by 2050. The growing urbanization activities could pose a threat to food security since they are likely to reduce the availability of valuable croplands, which are necessary to produce an adequate amount of fresh food for the rising population. According to a study, the global urban expansion would result in approximately 1.8-2.4% loss of global croplands and a 3-4% reduction in crop production by 2030. Besides, changing climatic conditions could put a strain on Earth’s resources, creating a serious demand-supply chain issue. Therefore, sustainable development and growth of the urban population require a great need for innovative farming methods to meet the demand for more food and more land to grow food. Vertical farms are at the forefront of the controlled environment agriculture segment and rapidly take over traditional farming methods for producing eco-friendly products in metropolitan areas.