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India Fire Detection Equipment Market: A Vignette

India fire detection equipment market

ICT | Sep, 2017

India fire detection equipment market is one that everybody should be talking about, and yet nobody does. As India urbanises and oversees a shift from an agrarian based economy to a manufacturing and services oriented economy, one would expect that there is a pivot towards better implementation of rights as enshrined within the constitution. TechSci experts debate how India fire detection market is one such are which is a necessity, given that workers safety becomes of paramount concern in the Indian economy.


India Fire Detection Equipment Market: A Bird’s Eye View

Business Standard has previously said in an article that on average fire accidents kill 54 people daily in India. While the trend has been in secular decline in terms of fire related deaths in India, the need for better promulgation of India fore detection equipment market is unquestionable.

TechSci Research report “India Fire Detection Equipment Market, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2022” shows that Indian economic agents have started taking fire safety serious, with the market set to grow in double digits, but the progress is still too slow for most people.

Fire related accidents killed nearly 113,961 people between 2010 and 2014 and, as per statistics is the third highest cause of unnatural deaths in India after car accidents (53%) and drowning (9%). Between 2010-2015, as many as 121,325 accidental fires injured around 13,721 people.

The TechSci Research report deals specifically with detectors, fire controls, etc. whereas many of the accidents may also involve rural dwellings, gas explosions in the unorganized sector and such; places where penetration of India fire detection equipment market is limited.

However, the majority of cases seem to be such that could have been taken care of given availability of the correct equipment. There is a strong case to be made for India fire detection market in this regard.


India Fire Detection Equipment Market: TechSci View

 Experts at TechSci Research believe that strict implementation of the current law as it stands, will eliminate many of the fire accident cases in India today and also surge the demand for India fire detection equipment.

In fact, the aforementioned TechSci Research report has pointed out the clear benefits that routine fire safety audits will do to the country at large. Such audits, clubbed with increasing the general awareness about fire safety rules and regulations, will again be a huge benefit for the India fire detection equipment market.

Better visibility of various bodies such as the Fire & Security Association of India (FSAI) will also lead to generation of more awareness and eventually, growth in the India fire detection equipment market. Given FSAI’s tie ups with top corporates such as Siemens, Honeywell, Bosch, Schneider, it makes sense for such institutions to push new initiatives for industries.

Lastly, given the trend of consolidations that is slowly growing in the sector, it stands to reason that m & a activities will lead to better optimization, distribution and scaling of economic operations pertaining to the India fire detection equipment market. 

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