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Global Wearable Technology Market

ICT | Oct, 2017

The wearable devices have emerged as one of the hot consumer product and is expected to witness strong growth in terms of value and volume in the coming years. The wearable market has led to development of new segment and bring on advancement in the wearable category. Fitness trackers have gained momentum in the market and overlapping the smartwatch segment and with cloud solution that connect to multiple devices and headphones fix with smart sensors, which are converged with the hearing-aid.

Product Overview

Small electronic devices, which consist of multiple sensors and also has characteristics of ciphering capability are called wearable devices. Such devices are implant to the item that can be attached to the body. These devices can resemble a jewelry, shoe, clothing, eyeglasses or even a watch. The typed of data collected can be past or present data or could as simple data such as running, heartbeat, brainwave measurement and ECG facts. Wearable can output the data to user through many means for LED screen to more complex display of data.

Purpose of Wearable Devices  

·        Wearable devices which are designed for wellness and fitness has technology to track and sense data such as heartrate, distance covered, body temperature and workout time. Most of the wearable devices falls in the wellness and fitness industry are made to be wore on the wrist, where as some are specially designed like ear-wear devices, smart garment devices, chest band, leg bands and clip-ons. Many software’s application is embedded in the devices such as GPS technology, measuring routes to more advanced application like diet app, analysis of calorie intake and recommendation of fitness regimes.

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·    Wearable devices which are categorized as gaming and entertainment segment can be classified into products that helps make gaming more fun and advanced. Though, wearable devices in gaming and entertainment overlaps wearable devices that are designed for enterprise and industrial application. VR is the most suitable example for gaming and entertainment wearables which exclusively targets consumer via gaming application. Moreover, VR as a wearable device has limited offering application. VR can only be used for range of games and software. Manufacturers are still trying to extent its range to other application.

·     Wearable devices which are designed for the use in healthcare industry covers both the end user patient and consumer. The healthcare wearable devices non-invasive and can be purchased over the counter without in prescription. Consumer healthcare wearable devices has heavy regulation. Patient healthcare wearable devices is strictly monitored by European commission and U.S food and drug administration among other regulation authorities. The health care wearable is connected with software and cloud application into the devices such as heart rate monitor, body sensors and hearing aid.

Benefits of Wearable Technology Devices

·      Many of wearable are hands free which gives the added advantage to the health professional working germ free environment dis is due to precaution towards the need for surface sterilization. In case of an operation theater where hand washing is the up most priority, doctors and staff can use google glass to observe and perceive information and be the point of contact throughout the surgery scenario without the exception of using hands. This helps to enable multi-tasking without the use of hands wireless information and communication by improving work efficiency.

·       Wearable technology has far come along to capture health data that would otherwise go unchecked and undocumented. This technology has also enabled transparency in the healthcare industry that the patient is not needed to be hospitalized but can go and completed day-to-day chores. Doctors can even monitor their patient’s health through cloud software with available data for the betterment of the diagnosis of the illness and improve the quality of services. 

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