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Global Security Advisory Services Market Analysis 2017-18

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ICT | Nov, 2017

Organization do know about their system, network connectivity, endpoints, storage operation and applications, which are in need for security. Organization demand security management that should integrate with the IT infrastructure and that is affordability, usability and effectivity.

Vulnerability and security management is upmost factor to meet risk management goals because it provides compliance, regulation and policy context, ultimately and vulnerability information, which is comprehensive view of enterprise risk management. Security advisory services offers organization better technique for cost effectiveness and also provides risk management. Security advisory services can even simplify the complexity associated to managing multiple security solution, while increasing the effectiveness, automation and nature of security. Providers are increasing their capability to provide comprehensive coverage within their offering of security management services. The key factor of success in the IT industry will be the ability to give proactive security protection services, intelligence and knowledge to provide very detailed security assessment data.

                                                                  Figure 1: The US Government Cyber Security Contract Spending  (USD Billion)


Big Data Analytics & Greater mobility

Big Data Analytics is expected to play a major role in ensuring cybersecurity in an enterprise. Big Data analytics is instrumental in studying and analysing the trends of cyber-attacks. Accordingly, the enterprise and governments focus on innovation and developing cyber defines. Big Data is expected to impact most of the product categories pertaining to the field of cyber security solutions such as, network monitoring, authentication and authorization of users, identity management, fraud detection, and systems of governance, risk and compliance etc.   

Ongoing R&D in Cyber Forensics

Due to Internet explosion, cyber-crime has also increased across the globe. As a result, the demand for advanced forensic technologies to accelerate investigation and attribution process have gone up. Further, the Governments are planning to develop indigenous capabilities in cyber forensics. Some of the specific areas where the R&D is currently going on in the country are disk forensics, network forensics, mobile device forensics, memory forensics, multimedia forensics and internet forensics. In addition, other dimensions of the research in this field which are undertaken by major security product and service providers are internet monitoring systems, extensive web security, wireless network security enhancement, VOIP security, encryption & cryptography, etc.

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RSA completed integrated security analytics platform. The new product is offered that is built around NetWitness acquisition and other components that is intended to cover the gap between traditional SIEM, incident response and forensics. RSA has seen growth and strong traction with security analytics as a core security operation centre component.


IBM continues to have strong growth in its strategy of positioning QRadar as a core composition of its security offering. QRadar provide strong integration space with IBM’s other product. Customer are taking advantage of integration to build smart SOC’s. IBM is now moving to FII space with launch of QRadar’s incident response module.


The company has been in the strong position in SaaS securityservices deliverables. The company introduced continuous monitoring of Qualys cloud platform. This step towards security service has extended the company’s specialization in security and vulnerability management to organizations that can provide cloud based monitoring and threat detection for the perimeter devices. Moreover, obtaining available updated patches and identifying vulnerabilities for the application running on hosts premises, initial functionality        

Of continue ongoing monitoring feature, which may include the ability to identify endpoint integrated devices that exposed to internet, detect unusual open ports, track SSL certificates and protocols that are being used, removal of software and spot the installation.


The company to continue to move toward closed integration of its product portfolio. By merging traditional vulnerability management with incident security and tracking testing. Rapid7 allows organization holistic view of their security structure.


 The company in short gained positioning in SIEM market and challenging leaders in the industry. Splunk continued to improve partnerships with security device markers in order to ensure easier integration of those products. The flexibility of the product is in such manner that support traditionally IT operation in addition to security with focus on security features.

                                                          Figure 2: The United Kingdom National Cyber Security Budget Program Budget Allocation (USD Billion)


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