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Easing the Pain of Fieldwork and BYOD: Mobile/Portable Printers

global Mobile/Portable Printers market

ICT | Sep, 2017

In today’s day and age people desire portability and speed; things must be done efficiently, fast and with the minimum amount of fuss. We see this with the growing trend of ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) and we see this also with other gadgets that emphasise portability and high quality as their USPs. For the uninitiated, BYOD refers to the increasing global trend of allowing employees to carry their own laptops/cell phones to work, as this increases the level of comfort for employees, as they may prefer their own computing systems to those provided in an office and also allow them to start (or finish) work anytime, anywhere. No longer is work defined by the office space shared with other employees; it is for the employee to define office spaces for himself or herself.

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As mentioned previously, the trend of BYOD is expanding not just because of preference, it’s also expanding because the nature of work itself is changing. Nowadays many jobs require people to move around and go from place to place; while this is not something radically different, from what has been happening for many years. Technology has now become the difference maker. Even a decade or two back, technology hadn’t been promulgated to the extent that it has been today, but now smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. have become an essential part of field work. Mobile printers play into this as they are also required in areas where there might be a dearth of printers, and carrying a printer would be a must. And it makes sense to bring along a portable printer as it is small, light and efficient. Very often there are portable printers designed and sold for just one specific type of job. For example, we have barcode printers which print only barcode labels for retail purposes just like we have document printers which are more like the run-of-the-mill printer we may have at home, except it’s smaller and lighter. Different printers that fall under the ‘portable printer’ category may resolve entirely different situations.

Naturally even though portable printers are useful, it suffers the same drawbacks that any modern-day printer would. The first would be the trend of going paperless. All newage businesses nowadays are trying to cut cost and reduce their ecological footprint in any way possible; naturally, making do without printers is one of the major steps to be taken by any company. While there is still scope for portable printers given that it uses less ink and paper, such a trend obviously undercuts the entire printers market in a huge way. As per the TechSci Research “Global Mobile/Portable Printers Market, By Technology, By Output, By Region, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2012 – 2022”, in spite of such factors, the global market of mobile/portable printers is anticipated to cross $15 Billion by 2022 given the enhanced demand for such products.

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