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Discover the Power of Pea Protein: A Non-Dairy Muscle Builder

Pea Protein Market

Consumer Goods and Retail | Oct, 2017

Product Overview

Pea protein is used as a dietary supplement and a dairy alternative. It possesses typical amino acid and boasts a neutral taste which makes it a feasible choice for food industry. It is extracted from yellow peas through extrusion process and can be extracted in three different types like pea protein concentrate, pea protein isolates and textured pea protein. The Pea protein is used in wide range of applications such as beverages, snacks, meat alternatives & nutritional supplements. Products made of pea protein can replace significant percentage of other proteins in many other food products without impacting the taste, color or texture of the product, and also in many cases offers cost savings. Pea proteins has multiple health benefits like weight management, improve blood circulation, maintain healthy muscle, boost metabolism, calcium absorption, and regulate blood sugar. Therefore, pea proteins have emerged as an alternative to other protein and non-protein ingredients.

Global Pea Protein Market: Overview

The substantial growth of major application sectors, like dietary supplements, meat extenders & analogues, beverage and bakery goods are anticipated to drive the pea protein demand over the years. Yellow and green peas are used as raw materials for processing of the pea protein. The concept of organic farming is rising owing to regulatory scenario in Australia, the U.S., and Brazil, as incentives are given to the farmers to increase the manufacturing of pea crops and also enhance raw material availability. North America is the largest consumer of pea protein globally as robust growth of sports nutrition industry, increasing demand for gluten-free products and rising concerns towards cardiovascular diseases which are caused due to consumption of red meat in the U.S are major factors contributing in the growth of the market globally.

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Benefits of Pea Protein

Pea Protein is Hypoallergenic

Pea Protein is Easily Digested

Pea Protein is High in BCAAs

Pea Protein is 100% Vegan

Pea Protein Powder is Rich in Protein

Pea Protein is Lactose Free

Pea Protein Helps Stay Full

Pea Protein Mixes Easily in Water

Pea Protein is Gluten free

Pea Protein is low in Carbohydrates

Each Scoop of Pea Protein Contains

Increasing Costs of Healthcare

Rising costs of medicines and healthcare policies, coupled with increasing consultation fees of doctors have forced consumers to switch to other alternatives for protein supplements. In North America, the healthcare cost is growing at a fast rate and according to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid’s, health expenditure grew by 31% during 2005-2015. As per the Canadian Institute of Health Information, total healthcare expenditure in Canada is forecast to reach USD228 billion by 2018, and represents 11% of Canada’s total GDP. Healthcare expenditure in Mexico has been continuously rising since 2010. The expenditure of consumers on healthcare in Mexico has struck nearly 50% of the total personal expenditure. Mexico’s massive public investment in their health system has failed to translate into better health and health system performance. Thus, extensive reform is needed to improve the health of the people in Mexico. Therefore, people are switching to less costlier alternatives, in order to keep a check on their health, thereby significantly boosting pea protein market in the region.

                                      Figure 1: North America Healthcare Expenditure Per Capita, By Country, 2010-2014 (USD)

                                                                                                                                    Source: World Bank

Source: International Telecommunication Union


Changing Lifestyle Habits of Younger Generation

North America pea protein market is growing at a significant, however, there is still large potential for further growth due to continuously rising young population. Demand for sports dietary supplement is also on rise due to growing health consciousness among consumers. Surveys conducted in the United States suggests that in 2015, more than 25% of the adults consumed dietary supplements for sports purposes. Health Canada found out that 90% of the population in Canada do exercise and around 68% of this population consumes dietary supplements. Moreover, number of companies operating in North America protein market also launching products that would satisfy consumer preference. New product offering includes vegan protein supplements and non-allergenic plant based protein supplements, in order to cater young population looking for sports nutrition and general nutrition. Moreover, growing number of doctors and physicians are supporting this trend and are also recommending consumers to buy protein supplements. Thereby, aiding to the increasing demand of pea protein across the region. 

Figure 2: North America Urban Population Share (As a %age of Total Population), By Select Country, 2012-2016

                                                                                                                              Source: World Bank

Figure 3: North America Dietary Supplements Market Size, By Value, 2012, 2016,2020F & 2022F (USD Million)

                                                                                                                                    Source: TechSci Research

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