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Are BlueStar Range of Commercial Refrigerators ideal for Storing Vaccines?

Commercial Refrigerators for Vaccine - TechSci Research

Healthcare | Apr, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic is unlikely to end the COVID-19 vaccines are rolled out across the globe to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. Regulators in different countries have already authorised effective COVID-19 vaccines for human use, but their distribution to administration facilities has become a global challenge due to logistics challenges for universal access to vaccines. Generally, vaccines require ultra-cold chains as they have short shelf-lives once they are removed from storage, so the healthcare providers require specially designed biomedical refrigerators and freezers that maintain the efficacy of vaccines and other medical equipment. Inadequate storage and handling can make the vaccine useless and make one susceptible to contagious diseases. Understanding the importance of cold chain storage capacities, government bodies are working with key partners to solve the technical and logistical issue of vaccine storage as a part of worldwide immunization program.

Recently, Blue Star Limited launched a new range commercial refrigeration products and solutions for vaccine storage and transportation of vaccines to remote corners of India since they maintain desired ultra-low temperatures even while in transit. The specifically designed and temperature-controlled refrigerators and transporters introduced by the air conditioning and commercial refrigeration major, is a great move towards building a robust ecosystem for vaccine distribution in India.

What are biomedical refrigerator and freezer?

Biomedical refrigerators and freezers are designed specifically for the storage of biologic material. Unlike conventional refrigerators, medical-grade or biomedical refrigerators and freezers have a microprocessor-based system that accurately measures and maintains temperatures to maintain the potency of material stored. The biomedical refrigerators and freezers use digital sensors such as thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors, thermistors, and fast temperature recovery apparatuses to monitor the interior temperature and respond to out-of-range temperature readings.

Some medical-grade refrigerators and freezers are equipped with alarms that go off when the temperature goes out of pre-set temperature range and thermometers connected to glycol-encased probes to prevent possible temperature leaks.

Benefits of biomedical refrigerators

·         Ensure Reliable Cold-Chain Storage

According to CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization, every year healthcare clinics lose USD20 million due to cold-chain failures and put public life in danger. The biomedical refrigerators and freezers maintain a reliable cold chain that protect vaccines, blood transfusion, biologics, and extend the shelf-life of living organisms. Maintaining a tighter and more consistent temperature range, the compressors present in biomedical refrigerators and freezers reach target temperature faster and maintain them. Also, the medical-grade units also seal tighter and better than conventional household refrigerators.   

·         Provide Accurate Temperature Monitoring

Temperature excursions can lead to inappropriate conditions for the vaccine storage and require immediate action. The temperature reading outside of the biomedical refrigerator and freezers prevent any kind of an excursion event and facilitates tracking of internal temperature without opening the door of the appliance. The medical-grade refrigerators come with built-in digital data loggers (DDL), that provide accurate storage unit temperature information.

·         Promote better Air Flow

Biomedical refrigerators and freezers are designed to have a superior airflow as they rely on powerful and fan-forced air circulation systems with air-cooling vents. The internal shelving with perforated ventilation holes also facilitates efficient air circulation and ensure uniform temperatures. However, healthcare providers must avoid overcrowding, keeping the appliance only 30% full and ensure to place the units between the floor, ceilings, and any walls.

·         Prevents Unauthorized Staff Access

Some purpose-built biomedical refrigerators and freezers embed digital locks to restrict access to only authorized staff members. The medical-grade units may also include decals to label equipment for its intended use and prevent mixed storage to maintain potency of vaccines and other biologics.

·         Protects Biological Products from Temperature Excursions

Biomedical refrigerators have backup battery power sources that prevent damage to vaccines during power failures as they are ideal alternatives to generators. In case of temperature excursion, the units keep the doors closed to maintain the internal temperature.

BlueStar Commercial Range of Biomedical Refrigerators

Ice Lined Refrigerator

The Blue Star Ice Lined refrigerator is enabled with PUF insulation to ensure complete care and protection of vaccines maintaining a consistent temperature range of +2°C to +8°C. The refrigerator can be deployed for epidemic prevention services, clinics, research institute, blood banks, hospitals, and other PHC centres.

Salient features

·         110mm high density PUF insulation ensures long holdover time of 20 hours

·         Efficient performances in climates with ambient temperatures from 10◦C to 43◦C

·         Built-in audio and visual alarms for high/low temperature, sensor failure and door open alarm

·         State-of-the-art compressor for fast refrigeration and low noise

·         Door handles and universal caster wheels for facilitating the device handling, transportation, and placement

·         Eco-friendly refrigerant

·         Battery backup for digital temperature display

·         Child lock to prevent unauthorised settings

·         High sensitivity temperature sensors

Vaccine Transporter

For universal access to vaccines in its optimum form throughout its journey, Blue Star has introduced Vaccine transporter, small capacity portable machine essential for establishing uninterrupted cold chain to transport vaccines. The Blue Star vaccine transporters are built with PUF based double walls to maintain optimum insulation and complete protection of the vaccine. Vaccine transporters supports an ideal temperature range of 2◦C to 8◦C for vaccine storage thus, they ensure potency of vaccine and other biological materials.

Salient Features

·         Sturdy, lightweight, and corrosion-free units

·         Provide accurate temperature control in range of -20 to 10

·         Fast freezing mode for enhanced cooling

·         Easy to clean at regular intervals

·         Digital temperature control

·         Enable mobility by gear wheel and pull rod (ALG50)

·         Six hours holding time

·         Eco-friendly refrigerant

·         Works on 12V battery charger of any 4-wheeler during transit

·         Anti-shake design prevents any accidents

·         High-quality cabinet material to protect against deformation

Medical Freezer

-86 Ultra Low Temperature Freezer (Single Door)


The ultra-low temperature freezer is used for storing and maintaining biologics used in scientific experiments and medical practices. The device consists of 4 castors for easy mobility and the front opening lockable door comes with a handle for easy accessibility. The vacuum release port and optional additions in the medical-grade freezer include char recorder, backup system, storage racks and remote alarm system. Equipped with audio and video alarms such as high and low temperature alarm, power failure alarm, low battery alarm, door open alarm, filter blocking alarm, and system failure alarm, the Blue Star Ultra Low Temperature Freezer prevents temperature excursion to prevent potency of vaccines.

Salient Features

·         Microprocessor controller for precise temperature

·         Stainless steel interior

·         Lockable door with vacuum release port

·         Heavy duty castors for ease of mobility

·         Two-times foaming technology

·         155mm foaming insulation with VIP+

·         Patented technology for CFC-free mixture refrigerant

·         Keyboard lock and password protected configuration page

·         Temperature printer to record 7 days of data with 72 hours of battery backup

-40°C Upright Medical Freezer


·         Microprocessor controller for precision temperature

·         Audio and visual alarm systems

·         Password protection configuration page

·         Safety door lock

·         Heavy duty castors

·         Drawers for easy storage of biologics

·         Eco-friendly refrigerant

-25°C Upright Medical Freezer


·         Microprocessor controller for precise temperature

·         Audio and video alarm system

·         ABS plastic for inner cabinet

·         Painted steel for external body

·         Safety door lock

·         Heavy duty castor

·         Drawers for easy storage

·         Eco-friendly refrigerant


2°C TO 8°C Pharmacy Refrigerators


·         Microprocessor controller for precise temperature

·         Security control alarm systems

·         Three different alarm systems: buzzer, light flash, and remote alarm

·         Multi-protection function

·         Time delayed power-on

·         Rust-free ABS plastic for enhanced hygiene

·         LED lighting

·         Glass door for easy visibility

·         Safety door lock

·         Multi-layers movable shelves


2°C TO 10°C Medical Refrigerators (Stainless Steel Finish)


·         Microprocessor Controller for precise temperature control

·         Combination of two sensors

·         Auto defrost mechanism

·         Audio and visual alarm systems

·         Safety door lock

·         Stainless steel exterior and interior

·         LED lighting

·         Glass door for clear content visibility

·         Double glass with heater to prevent leaks

·         Multi-layer movable shelves with blood storage basket

·         Data logging with printer

·         Eco-friendly refrigerant


Relatable Products- Godrej Medical-grade Freezers and Refrigerators

Godrej Appliances has recently launched a range of ultra-low temperature refrigerators and mobile freezers for storage and maintenance of COVID-19 vaccines. The Godrej appliance maintain a standard temperature of 2°C to 8°C required to store highly-temperature sensitive Covaxin and CoviShield vaccines, that are being administered in India. Owing to the increasing demand for biomedical refrigerators and freezers for universal access to vaccines, Godrej is ramping up their manufacturing capacity for ultra-low temperature freezers, which currently stands at 12,000 units per annum. Besides supplying the medical-use refrigerator in India, the company is also executing international orders worth INR 55 crores, contributing to the global biomedical refrigerator and freezer market growth.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Eppendorf AG, Desmon S.p.A., Cornerstone Capital Holding, Migali industries, Sofrigam SA, Philipp Kirsch GmbH, Binder GmbH, Bionics Scientific Technologies, among others are some of the leading market players in the Global Biomedical Refrigerators and Freezers market.


From storage to administration, some of the most promising coronavirus vaccines require non-stop sterile refrigeration to stay efficient and safe. But it is a sad reality that nearly 3 billion people of the world’s population live where cold-chain is insufficient for an immunization campaign to bring COVID-19 pandemic under control. People living in developing countries who were among the hardest hit by pandemic are most to be last to recover from it as maintaining the “cold-chain” for coronavirus vaccines might not be easy even in developed nations due to lack of investment in infrastructure and cooling technology. As per an estimate, India has 30% less storage capacity than it would need for coronavirus vaccine and lack of public transportation presents another obstacle to getting citizens vaccine inoculated.

According to TechSci Research report on “Global Biomedical Refrigerators and Freezers Market, By Product (Pass-Through, Explosion Safe, Flammable storage, Combo/Dual Temperature, Ultra Low freezers, Plasma freezers, Others), By Storage (Blood, Vaccines, Plasma, DNA, Flammable chemicals, Others), By Temperature (RNA & DNA (-70°C to -80°C), Vaccines (-30°C to -40 °C), Others), By Capacity (138L, 169L, 221L, 230L, 426L, 690L, Others), By End-user (Hospitals, Pharmacies, Diagnostic Centres, Research Laboratories, Blood Banks), By Region, Forecast & Opportunities, 2025”, the global market for biomedical refrigerators and freezers is projected to grow at a formidable CAGR of 4.72% during the forecast period. Increasing demand for medical-grade refrigerators and freezers to store vaccines and introduction of eco-friendly appliances are boosting the growth of Global Biomedical and Refrigerators Market during the forecast period.

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