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Adrenalin: Future of HRMS?

Human Resource Management Software

ICT | Nov, 2019

Human resource management system is a blend of systems and processes which integrates core and strategic functions into one comprehensive solution. Organizations prefer human resource management software or HRMS as it simplifies crucial human resource department’s functions such as storing employee data, managing payrolls, recruitment processes, keeping track of attendance records, among others. A HRMS helps in managing HR operations and includes all the vital elements required for workforce management. The main aim of HRMS is to pass on benefits for any organization by automation and reducing data redundancy. An organization needs an HR software for faster retrieval and sharing of information, improving the scalability of the business operations, digital storage & deep analysis of data and information at every level, imposing & enforcing role based system between the employees & management, improving security & efficiency, automating the recruitment process and most importantly improving the efficiency of the employees and bringing about overall employee satisfaction. The key features which are responsible for massive adoption of human resource management software include self-service portals (wherein employees can track & update their information without contacting the HR), mobile access (which allows employees to access the self-service portal and clock in and out), employee database (that stores information in a centralized database which can be accessed from anywhere), document management (which stores company memos, employees handbook and other important documents) and social collaboration (which includes the job postings on social networking platforms).

There are various human resource management softwares available that are widely used by different organizations. One such trending software is Adrenalin, which was launched by Adrenalin eSystems Limited in Chennai, India with the motto “To actualize the Human Potential in the context of business, through the use of Technology”.

Adrenalin: An Overview

The HR department plays a vital role in an organization and handles many significant functions of the business. Today, digitization has revolutionized the HR functions also and this digital transformation of HR is driving the organizational culture and has increased the overall employee engagement. Adrenalin is one such software which is solving all HR related problems by creating human capital management solutions, which are leveraging the power of software to optimize the most important resource i.e.  employees within an organization.

Adrenalin HRMS provides a single platform which helps in automating the routine HR tasks. The software defines the job roles and organization structure and supports storage of extensive employee information, leading to better enforcement of organization policies and improved decision making. This helps the HR and accounts departments in an organization to be updated about all the employee information such as transfers, promotion, confirmation, contract termination, among others. Basically, the software automates the HR department’s work and integrates seamlessly with most current IT systems extending ERP investments at an affordable price thereby reducing HR and implementation costs with lower cost of ownership.

Adrenalin is an intelligent and intuitive web-based human capital alignment software in the market which is offering features such as performance alignment & development, compensation modules, iReporter/iAnalytics, among others. It also consists of a workflow based independent browser that includes all the required self-service features to cover employee-to-business and business-to-employee transactions. The software has made workforce a mobile enabled one with which one can remain connected from anywhere, everywhere and on any device. With this software, the employees get their personalized HR feedbacks with which they can quickly act on things requiring attention. Additionally, the employees can plan their time offs and mark their presence in a simple way. Travel expenses can also be tracked using Adrenalin. Adrenalin is multi-lingual which provides easy access to various reports, applications, forms, documents, among others. It also has the capability to recognize a business time zone and set reminders & escalations. Today, Adrenalin is the most relevant and widely used software which has around 7,00,000 users globally and 700 indigenous customers.

Adrenalin HCM Solutions

Adrenalin HCM is a complete package with a combination of features and services which can help a company maximize its employee efficiency and performance.

Adrenalin Cloud HR

To access the Adrenalin cloud HR software all that is needed is an internet connection and customers can setup their own applications and reap the benefits out of a secure and scalable architecture without going through any type of hardware and software installations. The software is easy to deploy, and the clients are always connected to the latest version of the software.

Adrenalin cloud provides a variety of tools and standard connectors which ensure integration with other IT systems that can support web-service based exchange of data. The cloud supports both real time and batch mode integration. The adrenalin cloud integration facilitates data synchronization between systems thereby saving time and money. Additionally, integration helps an organization focus on their business applications and takes away the need to invest on hardware. Additionally, the cloud HR provides data security, accurate reporting, prevents the occurrence of errors and provides centralized system of information. Also, its exclusive multi-tenant architecture makes the cloud secure and scalable which is easy to use and requires no maintenance or support or service costs.

Key Features of Adrenalin HRMS

Adrenalin has a lot of features in store for its customers which are discussed in the following section. Additionally, Adrenalin offers customized portal for different industry verticals based on their mechanism or supply chain. For instance, the software can be configured in a different manner for the automotive industry and differently for BFSI industry depending on the requirements of the industry and organization. Hence, customisations can be done in the software according to the needs and requirements of an industry and organization.

1. Core HR Management

Includes employee information management, compensation & benefits management and payroll management.

2. Employee Lifecycle Management

Comprises of employee engagement, confirmation & transition management and offboarding.

3. Talent Acquisition & Talent Development

Involves job requisition management, training & competency management, application tracking, onboarding, career development, employee development programs, interview process and candidate selection, among others.

4. Workforce Administration

Deals with attendance, time, leave/absence management along with claims & reimbursements, shifts & scheduling and travel management.

5. Performance Alignment

Deals with compensation planning & management, reward management, goals & performance management and complete feedback.

6. Payroll Management

This is a web-based solution that integrates with finance modules of ERP.

7. Reports & Dashboard

Includes talent & hiring insights & management and deals with organization trends.

8. Social Connection

Involves all the activities on a social networking platform such as notifications, social profiles & walls, activity streams, among others.

9. Productivity

Deals with the things that can increase the overall productivity. Task management, discussion forums are a part of this software.

10. HR Analytics

Includes all the insights related to hiring, length of service, reasons for resignations, among others.

Why Adrenalin?

1.  Digital Transformation in a Single Product

Adrenalin helps a company save their time and cost which is generally used to optimize the HR functions. It is a simple, integrated digital platform which can improve the productivity of the employees within an organization.

2. Modular Deployment

The software provides its customers with an option to select modules and address the specific needs of the HR strategy.

3. Depth of Functionality

The software provides a comprehensive HCM functionality to the organization which they can use to assist their employees by simplifying various routine tasks such as time, attendance, leave, travel, shift scheduling, payroll compliance, claims & reimbursement, among others.

4. Knowledge Transfer & Support

The software provides pure play support along with rigorous support and regular updates which can help the businesses optimize their costs and efforts on digital HR solutions.

5. Ease of Implementation

The software’s pure play solution ensures the easy and efficient implementation of the HR strategies and task within optimum time and cost.

6. Multi-Language Support

The software’s support is available in various languages which can help the clients and their workforce in better adoption of the technology.

7. SMAC Architecture

The software provides a flexible architecture that allows for hosted and on-premise model for running the application.

8. Global Payroll

The software is compatible with the payroll and statutory compliances in 24 countries in Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa. It has the flexibility to be configured in the country of choice.

9. Integration

Adrenalin can be made to work seamlessly with major ERP, finance and payroll systems.

10. Sara-HR Chat bot

Adrenalin is empowered with an AI powered chat bot to personalize the HR processes for employees across organization. It helps in reducing complexity and responds to queries in real time.AI is an integral part of the HRMS portal since it can help an organization achieve alignment. AI can help in the recruitment process, during the initial screening and sourcing stages. The algorithms of machine learning can identify from patterns & best practices and match them to the candidates’ skills, qualifications and personality to filter out resumes with greater efficiency. Additionally, AI can help in streamlining & managing the candidates according to their experiences which in turn will be beneficial for both the candidate and the organization. Further, AI enabled chat bots help in eliminating the administrative bog of manual follow-ups to job applications. These digital assistants can schedule an interview and even register the feedback of the applicant about the entire process.


Adrenalin has a lot to offer to its customers but still there is a lot of room for improvement especially when it comes to the security, staffing and cost. Security is one of the biggest concerns that needs to be addressed. The systems must be designed in a way so that they prevent unauthorized access to sensitive & confidential information and unintended publication of such information. This usually requires many compartments and levels of authority for access, all of which requires to be maintained and monitored regularly. Next is staffing, this is generally a case with larger installations where the cost of hiring an IT specialist is encountered to manage the complete system. Cost is another factor which is a problem especially for the smaller organizations. With any system, there are acquisition costs and maintenance costs. While SaaS (software as a service) systems are somewhat easier to handle from a cost standpoint since they are cloud-based and don’t require as much initial outlay.


There are a lot of human resource management softwares present in the market such as BambooHR, Jibble, ZohoPeople, Wallet HR, HRFAST, eliteHRMS, 247HRM, Keka, Qandle, HROS, Pay Scale, among others. Among these BambooHR and Jibble are the top competitors or alternatives to Adrenalin. BambooHR is an ideal choice for SMEs and the companies can find relevant HR functions, personnel data modules, advanced reporting opportunities, tracking capabilities, among others. While on the other side, Jibble helps businesses increase the time of their employees by providing time tracking and attendance management solutions.

According to Techsci Research, Global Business Rules Management System (BRMS) Market By Component (Software & Services), By Organization Size (Large Enterprises & SMEs), By Deployment Mode (On-premise & Cloud), By Vertical, By Region, Competition, Forecast & Opportunities, 2014-2024, the global business rules management system (BRMS) market is forecast to exhibit a CAGR of 11.42% during the forecast period, growing from $ 847.70 million in 2018 to $ 1630.67 million by 2024, on account of surging demand for managing regulatory and policy compliance needs, globally. Business rules management system (BRMS) is a software used to install, outline, perform and monitor the complexity of decision logic used in an organization. Moreover, enterprises are adopting BRMS software, as it offers low dependency on IT team for changing business rules, lower costs and Line of Business (LOB) control over implemented decision logics, among others.

According to another report by Techsci Research, Global Embedded Analytics Market By Application (Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finance & Human Resources), By Deployment (On-Premises Vs Cloud-Based), By End Use (IT & Telecommunication, BFSI, Manufacturing, Retail and Consumer Goods, Media and Entertainment & Others), Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2014 – 2024, the global embedded analytics market is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 14%, in value terms, during 2014-2024. Transition from the traditional business intelligence (BI) techniques to advanced BI and analytics techniques, evolving IT monitoring tools, growing government support for public cloud are some factors, which are expected to propel the demand for embedded analytics market over the next five years.

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