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South Africa is characterized by acute water shortage and periodical droughts which make it one of the most water scarce countries in the world. Factors such as the rising standard of living, the growing population with their growing water needs, the industrial and agricultural developments coupled with the extreme climatic conditions, with the same stretched out traditional and limited resources of fresh and usable water has exacerbated the water shortage problem and has lately forced South Africa to look at other water recycling and cleansing options such as the Desalination which till not very long did not use to go down well with the administration in South Africa. However, there is now a noticeable change in the perception of the people and the administration towards Desalination which is very much evident by the recent developments in the South Africa Desalination Market. The Desalination plants have started being set up to cater to the growing demands of fresh water by different sections of the South African economy which is expected to exponentially grow the South Africa Desalination market in the coming times.

According to “South Africa Desalination Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2017” South Africa as a Desalination market has a huge potential. The future for the Desalination market in South Africa seems very promising as there is a persistent water shortage problem and the available sources of pure water are being increasingly stretched. Availability of seawater across South Africa’s coastal regions and the introduction of less energy-consuming Desalination technologies are letting the Desalination market to slowly catch pace in South Africa. “South Africa Desalination Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2017” discusses the following aspects related to desalination market in South Africa:
  • Desalination Plants’ Market Size & Growth
  • Desalination Plants’ Technology Market
  • Desalination Plants’ Consumption Market
  • Market Trends & Developments
  • Competitive Landscape of Key Players
  • Strategic Recommendations
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Report Methodology
The information contained in this report is based upon both primary and secondary sources. Primary research included interviews with stakeholders of the industry. Secondary research included an exhaustive search of relevant publications like newspapers, websites, and proprietary databases.

Table of content

1.    Executive Summary

2.    Global Water Desalination Plants Market

2.1.  Market Size

2.1.1.     By Value

2.1.2.     By Volume

2.2.  Market Share

2.2.1.     By Region

2.2.2.     By Technology

2.2.3.     By Consumption

2.2.4.     By Feed water

2.2.5.     By Company

2.3.  Pricing Analysis

3.    South Africa Desalination Plants Market Overview

3.1.  Market Size

3.1.1.     By Value

3.1.2.     By Volume

3.2.  Market Share

3.2.1.     By Region/State

3.2.2.     By Technology

3.2.3.     By Consumption

3.2.4.     By Industry

4.    South Africa Desalination Plants with Capacity and Status- 2011

5.    Drivers and Challenges

5.1.  Market Drivers

5.2.  Market Restraints

6.    Market Trends and Developments

6.1.  Reverse Osmosis Plants Market

6.2.  Is Desalination Technology an Energy Gobbler

6.3.  Technological Developments and Innovations

6.4.  Change in the Administration’s Perception

7.    Competitive Landscape

7.1.  Aveng Water

7.2.  Veolia Water- Solutions and Technology

7.3.  SSI

7.4.  GrahamTek Systems

7.5.  GE Water

8.    Strategic Recommendations

Figures and Tables

List of Figures

    Figure 1: Global Desalination Plants Market Size 2010-17, By Value (USD Billion)

    Figure 2: Global Water Desalination Capacity 2009-17, By Volume (Million m³/day )

    Figure 3: Global Contracted Vs Online Plants 2006-2011, By Capacity (Million m³/day )

    Figure 4: Global Water Desalination Plants Market Revenue Share 2011, By Region

    Figure 5: Top 10 Countries By Total Installed Capacity Since 1945 (Million m³/day )

    Figure 6: Top 10 Countries By Total Installed Capacity Since 2003 (Million m³/day )

    Figure 7: Top 10 Countries By Total Installed Membrane Capacity Since 1945 (Million m³/day )

    Figure 8: Top 10 Countries By Total Installed Thermal Capacity Since 1945 (Million m³/day )

    Figure 9: Global Installed Cumulative Membrane and Thermal Capacity, 1990 - 2012 (Million m³/day)

    Figure 10: Global Water Desalination Plants Installed Capacity, By Technology, 2011

    Figure 11: Global Water Desalination Plants, By Usage, 2012

    Figure 12: Global Water Desalination Plants Forecast 2017, By Usage

    Figure 13: Global Water Desalination Plants Annual New Contracted Capacity, By Feedwater Type, 1990 – 2012

    Figure 14: Global Water Desalination Total Installed Capacity 2011 By Feedwater Category

    Figure 15: Top 10 Desalination Plant Suppliers Since FY' 2000 (Million m³/day)

    Figure 16: South Africa Desalination Market Size 2009-2017 (USD Billion), By Value

    Figure 17: South Africa Desalination Market Size 2009-2017 (Million m3/day), By Volume

    Figure 18: South Africa Desalination Market Share 2011, By Region

    Figure 19: South Africa Desalination Market Forecast 2017, By Region

    Figure 20: South Africa Desalination Market Share 2011, By Technology

    Figure 21: South Africa Desalination Market Share Forecast 2017, By Technology

    Figure 22: South Africa Desalination Market Consumption 2011, By Segments

    Figure 23: South Africa Desalination Market Consumption Forecast 2017, Segments

    Figure 24: South Africa Desalination Market Share 2011, By Industry

    Table 1: Global Water Desalination Plants Market Revenue Share Forecast 2005-2017, By Region

    List of Tables:

    Table 2: Description of Thermal and Membrane Processes

    Table 3: Provinces with Current and Forecasted Desalination Capacity

    Table 4: Major Desalination Projects Anticipated To Start By 2017

    Table 5: South Africa Total Desalination Plants 2011

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