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The data tables contained in this file aims to provide market insight about estimated and projected capital expenditure for service providers in the Indian Telecommunication market in 2009 to 2014. 

CAPEX investment represents 20%—30% of total cost of ownership for mobile operators, yet this crucial cost function directly affects 70%—80% of the OPEX. This highlights how important it is for operators to understand the state-of-the-art of the next generation network, so as to make intelligent infrastructure investment decisions. Meanwhile, network infrastructure vendors need to understand the spending behaviour of their customers (operators) if they are to produce solutions that add value. This report highlights the critical market data and the forecast by mobile operators in India. This report has been published while keeping in mind the future investments by telecom operators in 3G & 4G spectrum in coming years. 

In this report we have emphasized on representing the capital expenditures towards:
  1. 2G & 2.5G: Includes access infrastructure used in 2G & 2.5G networks such as CDMA & GSM
  2. 3G: Includes access infrastructure used in 3G networks such as WCDMA & EvDO
  3. 4G: Includes access infrastructure used in 4G networks such as LTE & WiMax
  4. Transport: Includes transmission components such as optical fibre and microwave used in telecommunications
  5. Broadband: Includes DSL Broadband connectivity.
  6. Core: Includes IP core elements of telecommunications network
  7. Multimedia: Includes gateways and middleware that enables multimedia applications on the telecommunication network.
  8. Other CAPEX: Includes passive infrastructure as such as towers and other engineering related expenses such as power supply, acoustic chamber, cabling, etc. Service providers such as MTS, Vodafone, Tata Communication and Reliance Communications, Airtel, etc. have offloaded tower business either to a joint venture entity (Indus Tower) or to a wholly owned subsidiary. Hence, capital expenditure towards this business line is taken as nil and is treated as an optional expenditure for the operator 

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1.2G & 2.5G







8.Other CAPEX


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