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Transformers are an indispensable component of an alternate current (AC) electrical system for electricity generation, transmission or distribution. In addition, the demand for transformers increases proportionately with the amplification of power generation, transmission or distribution networks in the country. In India, the demand for equipment used in power sector is multiplying at a rapid rate because of social, economic and industrial development. Government’s attempt of attaining 100% electrification across the country by 2017 would contribute to the demand for power transformers. However, power deficit across the country is likely to continue during the next decade. As of now, out of 5160 towns in India, only 35% towns have over 90% households using electricity for lighting purpose. In more than 15% of the towns, the penetration rate of electricity across households is less than 50 per cent. 

“India Power Transformers Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2018” details about power transformers market in India, its growth prospects and opportunities. The power transformers market revenues in India are expected to grow at the CAGR of 14% till 2018. Under the 12th Five Year Plan (2012-17), the government plans to spend USD 200 Billion on developing and strengthening power infrastructure in India. Similarly, IEEMA (Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers Association) along with government framed a policy to limit the imports of transformers from China and Korea along with changing government polices on import duty for CRGO steel is likely to further promote the domestic transformers industry in India. Indian transformer industry continues to face tough competition from the Chinese manufacturers. However, with the continuous support from the government to promote the power transformer industry through investments, tax benefits, subsidies etc. will help the industry to grow over the coming years. “India Power Transformer Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2018” report elaborates the following particulars:
  • India Power Transformers Market Size, Share and Forecast
  • Changing Policy & Regulatory Landscape
  • Shifting Market Trends & Emerging Opportunities
  • Power Transformers Trade – Import & Export Analysis
  • Competitive Landscape & Strategic Recommendations
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  • To gain an in-depth understanding of India power transformers market
  • To identify the on-going  trends and anticipated growth in the coming years
  • To help industry consultants, power transformer manufacturers and industry stakeholder to align their marketing strategies
  • To obtain research based business decision and add weight to presentations and marketing materials
  • To gain competitive knowledge of leading players
  • To avail 10% customization in the report without any extra   charges   and get the research data or trends added in the report as per the buyer’s specific needs
Report Methodology 

The information contained in this report is based upon both primary and secondary sources. Primary research included interviews with power transformer manufacturers and industry personnel. Secondary research included an exhaustive search of relevant publications like paid databases and company annual reports.

Table of content

1. Analyst Briefing

2. India Electrical Equipment Market Overview

3. India Transformers Market Overview

4. India Power Transformers Market Outlook

4.1. Market Size & Forecast

4.1.1. By Value

4.1.2. By Volume

4.2. Market Share & Forecast

4.2.1. By Region

4.2.2. By Company

5. India Power Transformers Demand & Potential Analysis

6. Market Dynamics

6.1. Drivers

6.2. Restraints

7. Market Trends & Developments

7.1. Shift Towards Chinese Players

7.2. Green Power Transformers

7.3. Investment in Foreign Market

7.4. Transformers Repair and Maintenance Market

7.5. Test Laboratory

8. Raw Material Analysis

9. Trade Dynamics

9.1. Import

9.2. Export

10. Policy & Regulatory Landscape

11. India Economic Outlook

12. Competitive Landscape

12.1.Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL)

12.2.Crompton Greaves Ltd. (CGL)

12.3.Siemens Limited

12.4.Alstom T&D India Limited

12.5.Bharat Bijlee Limited

12.6.Voltamp Transformers Limited

12.7.Transformers and Rectifiers (India) Ltd.

12.8.RTS Power Corporation Ltd.

12.9.IMP Powers Ltd.

12.10. Tarapur Transformers Ltd.

13. Strategic Recommendations

14.Research Methodology

Figures and Tables

List of Figures

Figure 1: India Electricity Demand & Supply, 1000 GWH (2008-12) 

Figure 2: India Electricity Demand & Supply, 1000 GWH (2013E-18F) 

Figure 3: Electrical Equipment Market Spending Landscape 

Figure 4: Electrical Equipment Market Share, By Equipment, By Value -2012 

Figure 5: Top Transformer Production Capacity, by Manufacturer,2012 (MVA) 

Figure 6: Indian Power Transformer Market Size By Value 2009-2012 (USD Million) 

Figure 7: Indian Power Transformer Market Size, By Value, 2013E-2018F (USD Million) 

Figure 8: Indian Power Transformer Market Size, By Volume, 2009-2012 (MVA) 

Figure 9: Indian Power Transformer Market Size, By Volume, 2013E-2018F (MVA) 

Figure 10: Indian Transformer Market Size, by Value, By Region, 2012 

Figure 11: Indian Transformer Market Size by Value, By Region, 2018F 

Figure 12: Indian Power Transformer Market Size by value, By company, 2012 

Figure 13: Indian Power Transformer Market Size by value, By company, 2018F 

Figure 14: Power Transformers Demand Analysis, 2013-18 

Figure 15: Transformers Imports, 2009-12 in USD Million 

Figure 16: Transformers Exports, 2009-12 in USD Million 

Figure 17: India GDP, 2010-2017F (USD Trillion) 

Figure 18: India GDP Growth Rate, 2010-2017F (%) 

Figure 19: India GDP Per Capita, 2010-2017F (USD) 

Figure 20: India GDP Per Capita Growth Rate, 2010-2016F (%) 

Figure 21: India GDP Per Capita PPP, 2010-2017F (USD) 

Figure 22: India GDP Per Capita PPP Growth Rate, 2010-2017F (%) 

Figure 23: India GDP Composition by Sectors, 2010-2016F (%) 

Figure 24: India Inflation Rate by Consumer Price Changes, 2010-2017F (%) 

Figure 25: India Population, 2010-2017F (Million) 

Figure 26: India Population Growth Rate, 2010-2016F (%) 

Figure 27: India INR V/S USD Exchange Values, January 1, 2005-2013 

List of Tables

Table 1: India Electrical Equipment Demand (Cumulative), By Value

Table 2: India Electrical Equipment Demand (Segmented), By Value

Table 3: Demand for New/ Replacement Transformers

Table 4: India Power Transformers Sales Growth, 2010-2012

Table 5: India Power Transformers Sales Growth, 2012-2013

Table 6: India Power Transformers Raw Material Analysis

Table 7: India Power Transformers Certifications

Table 9: Insulation Wires Standard Temperature

Table 10: Company Profile – Bharat heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL)

Table 11: Company Profile – Crompton Greaves Ltd. (CGL)

Table 12: Company Profile – Siemens Limited

Table 13: Company Profile – Alstom T&D India Limited

Table 14: Company Profile – Bharat Bijlee Limited

Table 15: Company Profile – Voltamp Transformers Limited

Table 16: Company Profile – Transformers and Rectifiers (India) Ltd.

Table 17: Company Profile – RTS Power Corporation Ltd.

Table 18: Company Profile – Imp Powers Ltd.

Table 19: Company Profile – Tarapur Transformers Ltd.

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Parvati Sharma

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Press Release

Indian Government’s Focus for Rural Electrification to Drive the Indian Power Transformers Market

Dec, 2015

The key target of India’s 12th five year plan to reduce the power deficit along with connecting all villages with power grids will drive the Indian market for power transformers