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The chilled beam market in India is currently in its nascent stage compared to developed countries like the UK and the US. Lack of consumer awareness about chilled beams is the major challenge that is being witnessed in the country. Most of the target customers continue to rely on traditional HVAC systems for cooling and heating applications. The major advantage associated with chilled beams is optimum utilization of space and energy. Chilled beams offer the capability to increase the efficiency of an HVAC system by almost 45%. Moreover, they utilize less ceiling space that results in less floor to floor height, thereby allowing construction of additional floors in a hi-rise building. Over the next five years, the demand for chilled beams is expected to be driven by growing number of new green buildings, retail malls, office buildings, educational institutes, hotels and hospitals. 

According to “India Chilled Beam Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2019”, the annual revenues for the country’s chilled beam market are forecast to grow at a CAGR of around 108% during 2012-19. Currently, the chilled beam market in India is entirely import driven due to absence of domestic manufacturing. Chilled beams are being increasing deployed in IT & ITeS segment in India, with large scale companies accounting for majority of the market demand. However, sectors such as retail and hospitality are also anticipated to catch up in coming years as the awareness about the product increases. More and more green buildings in India are expected to deploy chilled beams instead of traditional HVAC systems during the next five years. Optimizing space utilization, higher ROI and low operating noise are some additional factors expected to augment market adoption. “India Chilled Beam Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2019” report elaborates following particulars:
  • India Chilled Beam Market Size, Share & Forecast
  • Regional Market Analysis and Drivers & Challenges
  • Pricing Analysis & Import Statistics
  • Changing Market Trends & Emerging Opportunities
  • Competitive Landscape & Strategic Recommendations
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Report Methodology 

The information contained in this report is based upon both primary and secondary sources. Primary research included interviews with HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) companies and companies who have successfully installed chilled beams in commercial spaces. Secondary research included an exhaustive search of relevant publications like company annual reports, financial reports and proprietary databases. 

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Table of content

1.     Research Methodology

2.     Analyst Briefing

3.     India HVAC Market Outlook

3.1.   Market Size & Forecast

3.1.1. By Value

3.2.   Market Share & Forecast

3.2.1. By Region

4.     India Chilled Beam Market Outlook

4.1.   Active Chilled Beam vs. Passive Chilled Beam

4.2.   Traditional HVAC system vs. Chilled Beam System

4.3.   Market Size & Forecast

4.3.1. By Value

4.3.2. By Volume

5.     Import Statistics

6.     Pricing Analysis

7.     India Chilled Beam Market Dynamics

7.1.   Drivers

7.2.   Challenges

8.     Market Trends & Developments

8.1.   Increasing Real Estate and Construction Business

8.2.   Growing Hospitality Sector

8.3.   Increasing Number of Green Buildings

8.4.   Emerging Market in Healthcare Sector

9.     India Economic Outlook

10.  Competitive Landscape

10.1.     TROX India Pvt. Ltd.

10.2.     Swegon Blue Box Pvt. Ltd.

10.3.     FlaktWoods Acs India Private Limited

10.4.     Halton India Pvt. Ltd.

10.5.     Trane Inc.

10.6.     Systemair India Pvt. Ltd.

11.  Strategic Recommendations


Figures and Tables

List of Figures 

Figure 1: India HVAC Market, by Value, 2009-2019F, (USD Billion)

Figure 2: India Real Estate Investment, by Value, 2009-2019F, (USD Billion)

Figure 3: India Retail Market, by Value, 2009-2019F, (USD Billion)

Figure 4: India HVAC, Market Share, by Volume, by Region 2013, 2019F

Figure 5: Comparison India Active Chilled Beam vs. Passive Chilled Beam

Figure 6: Pictorial Comparison between Traditional HVAC System and Chilled Beam System

Figure 7: India Chilled Beam Market, by Value, 2012-2019F, (USD Million)

Figure 8: India Registered Green Buildings, by Volume, 2009-2019F, (Units)

Figure 9: India Chilled Beam Market, by Volume, 2012-2019F, (Thousand Units)

Figure 10: India IT Market, by Value, 2009-2019F, (USD Billion)

Figure 11: India Chilled Beam, Target Industry

Figure 12: India Chilled Beam, by Type

Figure 13: Comparison of Traditional HVAC with Chilled Beams in Commercial Office Building

Figure 14: India Chilled Beam, Chiller Efficiency Comparison of Low and Medium Temperature Chillers

Figure 15: India Chilled Beam, Chiller Efficiency Comparison, Traditional System & Chilled Beam System

Figure 16: India Chilled Beam and Components, Imports, by Value, by Country, 2013

Figure 17: India Chilled Beam, Pricing Analysis, 2012-19F (USD)

Figure 18: India Hospitality Market, by Value, 2009-2019F, (USD Billion)

Figure 19: Space Saving by Chilled Beam over Traditional HVAC in Healthcare

Figure 20: Comparison of Traditional HVAC with Chilled Beam in Healthcare Sector


List of Tables 

Table 1: Few Ongoing Commercial Projects in India, by Location, by Area

Table 2: Advantages & Disadvantages of Chilled Beams and Fan Coil Units

Table 3: India Chilled Beam Import Taxes

Table 4: Comparison Air Conditioning System vs. Chilled Beam, by Capacity (Tons)

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