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Many small and medium businesses in India are fast adopting the accounting software’s to fulfill their accounting needs. Accounting Software’s market in India is expected to grow at CAGR of 19.2% from 2010 to 2016. The spending in the Indian Software market is showing signs of rebound post the economic meltdown which had engulfed the globe by 2009 and brought sluggishness in the business investment cycle. The software spending in India is likely to scale up from USD 1,989.9 million in 2009 to USD 4,673.5 million in 2014, posting a growth of 23 percent CAGR.

It is estimated that accounting software’s are going to get huge sanctions from the IT Spending Budgets post the crisis, as there has been a shift in the information technology investment decision making. As increasing number of CIOs and other IT investment decision makers of organizations are reporting to their respective CEOs and CFOs, the IT investments are no longer stand-alone but rather strategic in nature. With most of the organizations investing to re-align their operations to garner greater business efficiencies, technologies that enable organizations understand their businesses better are likely to capture greater amount of the IT budgets. Since, accounting forms the basis of understanding any business, IT investments that revolve around this horizontal are likely to get huge sanctions.

“India Accounting Software’s Market Outlook 2016” has evaluated business and non-business issues related to the accounting software’s market in India. This study gives unprejudiced view on the various aspects of accounting software market and helps reader to get complete overview on latest trends, market potential, infrastructure and delivery model related to industry. This study by TechSci Research will definitely help consultants, accounting software providers, software vendors, business managers to identify the market opportunities and will help them in market centric decision making process.

Table of content

1.     Analyst Briefing

2.     Indian Software Industry Outlook

3.     Accounting Software Market in India

3.1.   Market Size

3.2.   Sales

4.     Deployment Methods

4.1.   On-Premise

4.2.   Hosted/SaaS

5.     Sales & Delivery Models

6.     Why Accounting Software’s?

7.     Accounting Software’s Market: Scenario 2016

7.1.   Market Potential

7.2.   By Region

7.3.   By Products/Services

8.     Accounting Applications Consumption by Market

8.1.   Information Communications Technology

8.2.   Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

8.3.   Education

8.4.   Health Care

8.5.   Manufacturing

8.6.   Retail

8.7.   Other Accounting Applications Markets

9.     Growth Drivers for Accounting Software’s in India

10.  Barriers for Accounting Software’s in India

11.  Market Trends & Developments

12.  Competitive Landscape

12.1.    Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

12.2.    Tata Consultancy Services Limited

12.3.    Wings Infonet Ltd

12.4.    TRIO Computers Pvt. Ltd

12.5.    Vedika Software Pvt. Ltd

12.6.    Busy Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

12.7.    Oracle

12.8.    SAP

12.9.    Intuit Inc.

12.10.  STFB Inc

12.11.  Wings Infonet Ltd.

12.12.  TRIO Computers Pvt. Ltd.

12.13.  Vedika Softwares Pvt. Ltd. 

Figures and Tables

  1. Figure 1: India Software Spending Trend 2010-2014 (USD Millions)
  2. Figure 2: India Software Industry Revenues, 2005-2014
  3. Figure 3: India Software Industry Market Share By Segments
  4. Figure 4: India Accounting Software Market Revenues, 2010-2016
  5. Figure 5: India Accounting Software Market Share By Hosted Vs. On-Premises
  6. Figure 6: India Accounting Software Market Share By Region
  7. Figure 7: India Accounting Applications Consumption By Market
  8. Figure 8: India Accounting Software Market Share by Company

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Sakshi Bajaal

Principal Consultant
Press Release

India Accounting Software’s Market Set to Grow at 19.2% CAGR By 2016

Dec, 2015

Many small and medium businesses in India are fast adopting the accounting software’s to fulfil their accounting needs. Accounting Software’s market in India is expected to grow at CAGR of 19.2% from