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Tablet PCs emerged as a revolutionary gadget in the consumer electronics markets with the launch of the iPad by Apple Inc in mid 2010. In 2011, the global Tablet PC market reached USD 35.3 Billion, which is expected to grow further till 2016. The China Tablet PC’s market is anticipated to grow at the CAGR of around 53.81% with the wide acceptance and increased demand from consumers. Tablet PC’s have filled the gap perfectly between a notebook computer and a smart phone. Global and China Tablet PC market are growing at the much faster pace than anticipated initially. The lower market penetration with increasing consumer acceptance is driving the industry growth exponentially. The new entrants are experimenting to show their product differently than usual by adding joystick, keyboard, stylus, brush, and changing the size to attract more and more customers. Till end of 2011, Apple Inc. is leading the market with its radical products followed by Samsung, ErenEben and others. However, the market share trends are expected to encounter strong changes from the current trend by 2016 which would lead the market dynamics to new heights. 

According to “China Tablet PC’s Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2016” China will witness phenomenal growth in near future. The outlook for the Tablet PC’s market in China seems very promising as the overall consumer spending and acceptance is increasing in the country. Ease of use, long battery life, mobility, ability to multi-task, instant on/off and substantial breadth of applications available have caused rapid growth and change in demand patterns. The ease of use and multi-task ability is driving enterprises to experience Tablet PC in workplace rather than traditional PC’s or notebooks. “China Tablet PC Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2016” discusses the following aspects related to Tablet PC’s in China:
  • Tablet PC’s Market Size & Growth
  • Tablet PC’s Application Market
  • Tablet PC’s Processors Market
  • Tablet PC’s Operating Systems Market
  • Market Trends & Developments
  • Competitive Landscape of Key Players
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  • To gain an in-depth understanding of Tablet PC market dynamics in China
  • To obtain research based businesses decisions and add weight to presentations and marketing materials.
  • To gain competitive knowledge of leading players.
  • The forecasts to assess how the market is predicted to develop by 2016?
  • To keep informed about the recent and upcoming product launches in Tablet PC’s market  in China
Report Methodology
The information contained in this report is based upon both primary and secondary sources. Primary research included interviews with Tablet PC Vendors, Channel Partners, Developers, Media Executives, and Consumers. Secondary research included an exhaustive search of relevant publications like newspapers, websites, and proprietary databases.

Table of content

1.    Executive Summary

2.    Global Tablet PC Market Outlook

1.    Market Size & Forecast

2.    Market Share

1.    By Company

2.    By Region

3.    Pricing Analysis

3.    China Table PC Market

1.    Market Size & Forecast

2.    Market Share

1.    By Company

2.    By Region

3.    Pricing Analysis

4.    China Tablet PC – Cost Analysis

5.    China Tablet PC - Applications Market

6.    China Tablet PC – Operating Systems Market

1.    iOS

2.    Android

3.    Windows

4.    BlackBerry

7.    China Tablet PC – Processors Markets

1.    Apple Inc.

2.    Intel

3.    Hummingbird

4.    Qualcomm

5.    Nvidia

8.    Market Trends & Developments

1.    Increasing Production

2.    Existence of Large Number of Players in China Tablet PC Market

3.    Will iPad maintain its Lead Till 2016?

4.    Internet usage pattern

9.    Competitive Landscape

1.    Apple inc.

2.    Samsung

3.    Lenovo

4.    ErenEben

5.    Dell

6.    Motorola

7.    Asus

8.    BlackBerry

9.    Toshiba

10.  Disclaimer 

Figures and Tables

List of Figures:
  1. Figure 1: Global Tablet PC Market Size 2010-16 (USD Billion)
  2. Figure 2: Global Tablet PC Shipments 2010-16 (Million Units)
  3. Figure 3: Tablet PC Global Tablet PC Market Share 2011, By Company
  4. Figure 4: Tablet PC Global Tablet PC Market Share Forecast 2016, By Company
  5. Figure 5: Tablet PC Global Tablet PC Market Share 2011, By Region
  6. Figure 6: Global Average Selling Price 2010-16 (USD)
  7. Figure 7: China Tablet PC Market Size 2010-16 (USD Billion)
  8. Figure 8: China Tablet PC Shipments 2010-16 (Million Units)
  9. Figure 9: Percentage Share of Total Online Minutes
  10. Figure 10: Number of Internet Users in China (Millions)
  11. Figure 11: China Tablet PC Market Share 2011, By Company
  12. Figure 12: China Tablet PC Market Share Forecast, By Company
  13. Figure 13: China Tablet PC Market Share 2011, By Region
  14. Figure 14: Average Selling Price of Tablet PC Global vs. China 2010-16 (USD)
  15. Figure 15: China Tablet PC Applications Market Size 2011 (USD Million)
  16. Figure 16: China Tablet PC Market Share 2011, By Operating System
  17. Figure 17: China Tablet PC Market Share Forecast 2016, By Operating System
  18. Figure 18: China Tablet PC Market Share 2011, By Processors
  19. Figure 19: Preferred Tablet PC Brand in China
List of Tables:
  1. Table 1: HP TouchPad Costing Analysis
  2. Table 2: Apple iPad Costing Analysis
  3. Table 3: Total Applications in Apple App Store and Downloads 2011
  4. Table 4: Total Applications in Android Market and Downloads 2011
  5. Table 5: Apple App Store Category Analysis
  6. Table 6: Android Market Application Category Analysis
  7. Table 7: Samsung App Store Category Analysis
  8. Table 8: Free Application on Different App Store Analysis
  9. Table 9: Percentage of Internet Users regional Analysis

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Sakshi Bajaal

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Press Release

Android Anticipated to Become Market Leader in China Tablet PC’s Market By 2016

Dec, 2015

Increasing acceptance of Android based Tablet PC in China will make Google’s Android a preferred operating system by 2016