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Lummus Acquires Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies from Siemens Energy

Lummus Technology, a renowned leader in developing technological solutions for a sustainable future, has recently announced a significant agreement with Siemens Energy. The agreement involves the acquisition of key assets from Siemens Energy's water solutions portfolio, including intellectual property, copyrights, trade secrets, and research and development properties. These assets specifically pertain to advanced water and wastewater treatment technologies utilizing hydrothermal processing, biological treatment, and carbon adsorption. This strategic move aims to meet the increasing water and wastewater demands of the oil and gas sector while emphasizing sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint.

One of the notable technologies that Lummus Technology is acquiring is the Powdered Activated Carbon Treatment (PACT) system. The PACT system is a highly effective method for treating industrial wastewater by introducing powdered activated carbon into anaerobic or aerobic treatment systems. This technology enables the removal of organic contaminants from wastewater generated in petrochemical and petroleum-refining plants. Additionally, Lummus will also obtain the Zimpro wet air-oxidation technology, along with associated intellectual property, lab equipment, and related assets. The Zimpro system focuses on treating caustic waste from ethylene crackers, providing a comprehensive solution for the treatment of challenging industrial wastewater.

The integration of these cutting-edge technologies will enable Lummus Technology to offer more sustainable and integrated water and wastewater treatment solutions to its clients. By expanding its range of integrated technologies, Lummus aims to assist its customers in achieving increased energy efficiency, operational sustainability, and compliance with environmental regulations and standards. Leon de Bruyn, the President and CEO of Lummus Technology, emphasizes the vital importance of water and wastewater management in industrial complexes. He believes that this acquisition will provide their clients with an additional long-term option to address their water and wastewater challenges effectively.

The PACT process and the Zimpro system offer numerous advantages over conventional treatment techniques. The PACT system excels in removing organic contaminants from industrial wastewater, while the Zimpro technology specializes in treating caustic waste. These technologies have the capability to convert and eliminate higher waste streams, thereby reducing the generation of secondary waste. Furthermore, they provide a reliable water resource, minimize operational costs, and significantly decrease the carbon footprint. By producing cleaner wastewater suitable for reuse within industrial sites, the acquired technologies present effective solutions to overcome industrial wastewater treatment difficulties.

Lummus Technology's acquisition of Siemens Energy's water solutions assets demonstrates their commitment to advancing sustainable practices within the oil and gas industry. This strategic move will enhance their ability to provide comprehensive water and wastewater treatment solutions, enabling their clients to achieve their energy efficiency and sustainability goals while complying with regulatory requirements. With these innovative technologies in their arsenal, Lummus Technology reaffirms its position as a global leader in creating technological solutions that facilitate modern living and promote a lower carbon footprint.

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