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For Sembcorp Industries, Mitsubishi Power would Build A 600MW Hydrogen-Ready Power Plant in Singapore

Mitsubishi Power, a leading global provider of energy solutions, collaborated with Sembcorp Industries to develop a 600 megawatt (MW) hydrogen-ready power plant. The proposed development, located in Jurong, Singapore, would be powered by a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) system. The hydrogen energy system would be integrated within the existing natural gas network and provide a sustainable and reliable source of energy.

The project, provide clean energy to Sembcorp’s customers in Singapore and the region. With a hydrogen ready CCGT system, Sembcorp be able to utilize the clean energy produced and convert it into electricity. The hydrogen-ready plant would help meet Singapore’s energy needs by providing an additional 600 MW of power while reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and other environmental pollutants. The M701JAC gas turbine, an air-cooled variant of the well-known J Series gas turbine from Mitsubishi Power, as well as the steam turbine and other essential accessory equipment, would also be delivered as part of the contract.

A long-term service agreement (LTSA) granted to Mitsubishi Power for the maintenance of the plant's important machinery. JEL would offer construction and BOP (Balance of Plant). Mitsubishi Power Asia Pacific and Jurong Engineering have teamed up to combine their engineering and power plant development expertise. Leading provider of energy solutions worldwide, Mitsubishi Power, will not only help build the power plant but has also negotiated a long-term service contract for its upkeep. This enables the plant to continue operating at its highest level of efficiency and dependability.

The creation of a multi-utilities centre with a power plant capable of producing hydrogen has broad ramifications. It would improve Singapore's energy security, diversify the country's energy supply, and support national efforts to cut carbon emissions. Additionally, the project would also promote industry player cooperation, knowledge sharing, and technological development in the hydrogen industry.

Sembcorp Industries Limited is a significant conglomerate with operations across several industries in Singapore. The company's operations are divided into the following business sectors: Utilities (which consists of power generation, water and wastewater treatment plants), Marine (which includes bunkering & engineering services, shipowning, chartering, and shipbuilding & repair services), Merchant Assets (which includes merchant power generation and investments in oil trading, gas, and renewables), and Urban Development (which consists of property development, property investments, and other real estate.