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The finding of Canada’s National Energy Board estimates 219 tcf of marketable unconventional shale gas at Liard Basin in Canada

Canada: The Liard basin located in northwest Canada is expected to contain 219 tcf of marketable, unconventional gas, according to the findings of Canada’s National Energy Board (NEB). Shale gas reserves in the Liard basin gas resource is equivalent to 68 years of Canada’s consumption of natural gas in 2014. The Liard Basin Hydrocarbon Project was started in 2012 to examine the shale gas potential based on integrated subsurface and outcrop-based field studies. This Basin is the world's ninth largest shale gas resource and Canada’s second largest gas resource behind the Montney formation in British Columbia and Alberta. Canada has more than 850 tcf of recoverable gas reserves.


TechSci Research depicts that current downturn in energy prices may work as deterrent for developing basin and extraction of shale gas immediately. As viability of project improves in future, Chevron and Woodside Petroleum may become the anchor investor to explore the shale gas from this field and supply to the proposed Kitimat LNG export facility on Canada’s Pacific Coast. The supply of Shale gas to the demand centers will require pipeline infrastructure which means there is going to happen large investments for the development of new pipeline infrastructure. 

According to released report of TechSci Research “Global Oil & Gas Pipeline Leak Detection Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2020, global oil & gas pipeline leak detection market is projected to cross USD 1.8 billion in 2020. Growth in the market can be attributed to the expanding oil and gas pipeline network across the globe on account of investments in pipeline infrastructure for the transmission of natural gas from conventional and unconventional sources including shale gas.

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