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PepsiCo adds new brand in beverage Segment

India: USA Beverage and Snack major, PepsiCo, expands portfolio by offering its new brand “7UP Revive” to garner more sales in the Indian market. The company already has established brands like Pepsi, Miranda, Mountain Dew and Dukes to offer to Indian consumers. With launch of 7UP revive, the company expects to increase its market share in the Indian market. The Product would be available in 200ml and 500 ml bottles. 

PepsiCo has been constantly offering new products to Indian market. Three years ago the company launched Nimboo masala and Nimboo Masala soda. Company has future plans to revamp its five beverage brands.

According to TechSci Research, with summers round the corner, PepsiCo’s decision to launch new product is a strategic and competitive move to increase its presence in the Indian market which will ultimately help the company to increase its market share.  Company should initially target young consumers and eventually, the company can target the other age groups as well.

Also, the company should increase its physical distribution by launching the product nationwide which will help the company to boost up its revenues.

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