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Google’s self-driving car Crashes into a Bus

United Sates: Google’s self-driving cars had been into minor accidents at several times before, though, none of them was caused due to the fault of tech giant’s autonomous vehicle. However, a reported accident on 29th February 2016, was caused by a Google’s self-driving Lexus RX450h (SUV), which was running on a speed of less than 2 miles per hour. The car side struck a city municipal bus in Mountain View, California, as per the reports.


As per Google, the accident took place while the car was about to take right turn to enter into center lane, to skip sand bags in front of it. While the projected movement of public bus which was witnessed to be running in the center lane was miss calculated by Google’s autonomous car leading to this accident. The crash damaged the left front fender, front wheel and a driver side sensor of the car. Fortunately, no one was injured in the autonomous car as well as in the bus.


Google while bearing some of the responsibility of the accident claimed that if our car wouldn’t have moved, a collision with the bus could have been avoided. Somehow, the test driver of car believed that the bus would slowdown or stop, to allow the car to merge into the traffic.


According to Google, in a time span of six years of its self-driving car tests, there have been reportedly 17 minor accidents, none of which was caused by the self-driving car and the California state government should not criticize the project by proposing regulations for autonomous cars.


The recent report published by TechSci Research, “Global Autonomous Car Technology Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2035 – ADAS, Semi-Autonomous, Fully-Autonomous” represents the evolving technology in the automotive sector around the world. One of the biggest global IT company, Google, have been the prominent leader in testing the autonomous technology in its vehicles since last six years. The inclination towards greater automation is expected to bring a dramatic growth in the autonomous vehicle market at a global level. However, the recent accident caused by the Google autonomous car in California has led the company to further work upon its autonomous technology for vehicles.


As per TechSci Research, the recently caused accident by the Google autonomous car has led the global players of autonomous vehicle market to rethink upon its driverless car technology. Taken into consideration the recent crash by the car, the companies around the globe is expected to further increase their spending on R&D for the improvement in the autonomous car technology.

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