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Michelin Launched X Line Energy Z Steer Tire for Heavy Commercial Vehicles

United States: Truck tire division of Michelin North America Inc., Michelin America Truck Tires, unveiled the Michelin X Line Energy Z tire, in particular for line-haul steer applications. The tire became available from 1st March 2016, in four varied sizes, i.e. 11R22.5, 275/80R22.5, 11R24.5 and 275/80R24.5, in both G and H load ranges. According to Michelin, in comparison to other leading competitor’s line-haul steer tires, the company’s SmartWay-Verified tire would give a guaranteed 20% more mileage, along with 5% improved rolling resistance. The newly introduced tire features an innovative ultra-fuel efficient casing to advance the rolling resistance throughout the life of tire, from being new to retread.


The French tire maker’s, X Line Energy Z features an improved dual-energy compound tread pattern, wherein, the uppermost layer controls tread stiffness, consequently to reduce stress on irregular wear. The bottom layer of tread, along with providing ultra-fuel efficiency, also minimizes the retreadability and offers extended casing life, as stated by Michelin. As per the company, the newly launched steer tire could be combined with the following tires to receive a complete SmartWay line-haul solution: For dual applications — Michelin X Line Energy Z steer tire, Michelin X Line Energy D drive tire and Michelin X Line Energy T trailer tire should be used together; and for wide base applications — Michelin X Line Energy Z steer tire, Michelin X One Line Energy D drive tire and Michelin X One Line Energy T trailer tire should be combined together.


The recent report published by TechSci Research, “United States Tyre Forecast and Opportunities, 2020” represents the highest motorization rate of almost 790 vehicles (per 1,000 people) of US, in the entire world. Also, it states the expanding potential of heavy commercial vehicles in the country during next five years, due to the expected growth to be witnessed in the infrastructure and construction sector of the country. The inclining sales of commercial vehicles, would lead to the increased demand for commercial vehicle tires in the country.


As per TechSci Research, the recently launched commercial vehicle tire for line-haul steer applications by Michelin, would recall the brand’s presence in US commercial vehicle tire industry, as the company would able to cater the demand of medium & heavy commercial vehicle customers at an enhanced level. Moreover, backed by the advance technological specifications introduced in the tire, the company would also give a tough competition to other leading commercial vehicle tire manufacturers in the country.

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