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Michelin to roll out Anakee Wild Tire globally

France: Michelin recently unveiled its new radial tire, Michelin Anakee Wild for big trail bikes in all the countries across the world. Currently, the tire is available in four radial sizes, i.e. 110/80 R 19 and 120/70 R 19 for front axles, 150/70 R 17 and 170/60 R 17 for rear axles. Three more sizes would be launched later this year, 90/90 – R 21 for front axle, 130/80 – R 17 and 140/80 – R 17 for rear axles, which is likely to cover global trail bikes tyre market.


According to Michelin, the Anakee Wild Tire is aimed to target adventurous bikers with an urge of expeditions, experiencing and discovering. Therefore, the company’s latest creation, Anakee Wild tyre is designed to adapt to all terrain types and situations along with the varied climatic conditions.


The Tire focuses on three performance parameters all-together:


1.    Provides excellent mileage and resistance to overheating and wear, due to the latest tread composition design.

2.    Provides stability and comfort on-road, due to the improved radial technology.

3.    Provides better wet road grip, riding precision combined with off road traction.


In nutshell, the Anakee Wild is a multi-purpose tire that reveals its performance as per the situation it is subjected to.


The recent report published by TechSci Research, “France Tyre Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2020” indicated the pronounced leadership of Michelin in France and other few countries of European Union. The evident growth in the France tire market also manifest the huge penetration of two-wheelers in the country. Due to which, Anakee Wild tire by Michelin would further tap the niche off road bike segment of France as well as other nations around the globe.


According to TechSci Research, Michelin is the second leading tire manufacturer in the global tire industry during 2015. This recent addition in its two-wheeler tire range would further mark its dominance in the domestic country, along with expanding the product portfolio of the company across the world. 

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