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U.S. President Barack Obama rolls out national cybersecurity action plan

United States: Across the world, the technology sector is witnessing various advancement which brings threats along with multiple benefits. With these new technologies, new security threats have also surfaced and have opened the door for hackers to peep into the confidential data.

After analyzing the current and prospective future security threats, U.S. president’s intelligence chief James Clapper cautioned the President about these security threats, and Barack Obama has rolled out a US$ 19 Billion ‘National Action Plan’ on cybersecurity.

The intelligence chief stated that the era of connected devices and artificial intelligence systems can give windows to hackers for disruption.

The national action plan will cover the transformation in the management of cyber threats along with the investment in cybersecurity education.

The best talent would be recruited in America in Information Technology and Cybersecurity as the part of the plan.

The President announced the formation of ‘Federal Chief Information Security Officer’ who will be responsible for supervising and managing the activities across agencies and the federal government. In addition, the officer would be overseeing that the federal government is interacting with private sector more effectively as these interactions involves a huge amount of vital and critical infrastructure.

The plan also covers the formation of the new high-level commission on cybersecurity which will focus on long-term solutions and gather ideas from outside the government as well.

For the success of the plan, Obama would take the support of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Visa to ensure the security and privacy of the citizens.

In the recent years, more than 100 million Americans’ personal data such as credit card information, medical records, etc. is compromised; therefore, cybersecurity is high priority for the President.

The market research and consulting firm, TechSci Research believes that the ‘national action plan’ on cybersecurity would bring the additional layer of security to the confidential data of the Government, organizations and the citizen without hampering the privacy and functioning of the whole ecosystem.

A recently published report by TechSci Research, “Global Cyber Security Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2020”, depicts global cyber security market is projected to surpass US$ 123 billion by 2020. Cyber security has become extremely vital for public as well as private enterprises as cyber-attacks have become more organized and sophisticated. In addition, the number of state sponsored attacks across the globe has surged which will drive the investment in the cybersecurity. Countries such as the US, the UK, Japan, Singapore and South Korea have a dedicated cyber security policy in place. Therefore, investments on cyber security by these countries is expected to witness a rapid increase over the next five years.

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