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NEDO Collaborated with TechSci Research for Webinar on India Drone Market

India: New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), in collaboration with TechSci Research, conducted a webinar titled India Drone Market-An Emerging Opportunity in India on March 29, 2022. The virtual event was organized to discuss the expanding applications of drones across various sectors, supported by increasing initiatives by the Indian government to promote the usage of unmanned aerial vehicles in the country. Mr. Takeshi Murakami and Mr. Dheeraj Bhardwaj from NEDO, Mr. Vikas Yadav, and Mr. Alwin Samuel from TechSci Research were key notable speakers.  

In his opening remarks, Mr. Murakami stated that Drones have the ability to reach remote areas with minimal effort. India is a vast country with various regions, including mountains, rivers, hills, and undeveloped infrastructure in urban and rural areas, which are difficult to access. It is the reason that Drones will find growing usage in infrastructural inspection in the oil & gas and power sector, agriculture, logistics, healthcare, security, etc. 

The key presenter of the webinar, Mr. Vikas Yadav, Assistant Vice President, TechSci Research, shared his research findings on the changing dynamics of the drone ecosystem in India. The presentation included the basic introduction of drones, current and future market potential, key drivers and barriers impacting the drone market, potential and emerging drone use cases across various sectors, including the possible collaboration between India and Japan. He stated, “Indian drone market was valued at USD0.92 billion in 2021 and will reach at USD2.13 billion in 2027. Government’s aim to make India a global drone hub and emerging potential applications will drive the growth of India drone market in the coming years.”

He further added, “More companies and start-ups are entering and raising their investments to provide solutions for mapping, topographical surveys including industrial, transmission, pipeline, railway line inspections. Besides, various research institutions are working to handle drone development, usage, and application challenges.

He concluded that drones for surveying, disaster management, search, rescue operations, etc., will be crucial for saving human lives, including wildlife and resources. However, while the New Rules have opened the drone sector to domestic and global players, the work is far from finished. With the increasing number of stakeholders in the drone sector, new regulatory and security concerns will also arise, which will need to be evaluated by the participants. In addition, the development of public trust in drones will require considerable efforts from all stakeholders toward ensuring that drone operations are safe and welcome.

Commenting on the successful webinar session, Mr. Dheeraj Bhardwaj, NEDO’s representative, commented, “I thank TechSci Research for conducting research on drone market in India with perspective to India and Japan collaboration in this new technology and emerging market. We had an interactive and informative session today on a very pertaining topic concerning the drone ecosystem in India. This webinar was helpful in understanding the existing policies, technologies, and use cases of drones. In addition, it would help us to understand gaps and build partnerships between India and Japan at both government and industrial levels.”

NEDO is Japan’s largest public management organization promoting research & development and deployment of industrial, energy, and environmental technologies. Acting as an innovation accelerator, NEDO aims to contribute to resolving social issues. TechSci Research is a research-based management consulting firm headquartered in India.

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