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Production of Mobile phones in India reaches 100 million units

India: India is acting as a magnet for investment which fetches the focus of manufacturing firms especially in electronic vertical of the industry. In the past month, the vertical has gained the investment of INR 1.16 lakh Crore in India. The tremendous growth in the investment in the electronic vertical is an outcome of ‘Make in India’ wave created by Prime Minister of India.

As the smartphone market is booming across the world, and demand of advanced technology and low cost mobile phone increases; the manufacturing firms are looking for an option where they can meet their cost with excellent products. Due to these mentioned reasons, India has attracted close to 15 mobile plants which indulge in manufacturing mobile handset for consumers in India as well as across the globe.

In the year 2014, the country was manufacturing close to 68 million units mobile phones which has increase up to 100 million units in the year of 2015. The government official states that in terms of value the mobile manufacturing vertical has reported exponential growth of 95 per cent in the ongoing fiscal year as compared to the previous financial year.

Moreover, apart from the investment and new plants, the country witnesses 30 thousand new jobs.

The Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad is very optimistic about the market, and reiterated his extended support for new technologies experimentation in the country. On the same lines, he stated the two initiatives by the global technology giants -Google and Microsoft; where in Google’s Project Loon and Microsoft’s white space spectrum use for broadband. Mr. Prasad said, if the pilot projects become successful in India, then after looking into security concerns, a decision would be taken.

According to TechSci Research depicts that the growth in investment in electronic manufacturing is expected to make India as the key manufacturing hub. As well, the foothold of the country in IT service sector enhances the advantage of India as an investment option. Technology giants are focusing on India and building their centers, launching India focused projects, and so on makes the country more attractive for investments.

Further, TechSci Research discusses that the increase in the production of mobile phone units in India and close to 95 per cent increase of production in value term is the clear proof of high consumer demand, superior manufacturing capabilities, conducive government policies, and efficient human resource.

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