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Altair Semiconductor is acquired by Sony Corporation for $212 Million

Japan: Sony Corporation (Sony) announced the acquisition of Altair Semiconductor, a leading developer of Long Term Evolution (LTE) chipsets. Altair Semiconductor is headquartered in Israel and has offices in U.S., China, and Taiwan along with the distribution offices located in Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Greater China, U.S. and India.

The acquisition deal is closed at $212 Million and Sony expect to complete the acquisition in February 2016.

Altair Semiconductor provides modern chipset technology and related software required for LTE. LTE is widely used in data communications for smartphones and it is anticipated that it will play an extended role in Internet of Things and Machine to Machine verticals as well.

TechSci Research depicts, the interconnectivity between the devices is expected to increase and in coming years, LTE chipsets will be found in more & more devices for superior interconnectivity.

The acquisition of LTE chipset company by Sony is expected to strengthen the Sony capabilities as it is focusing on developing new sensors and communication technology which require chipset. As well, with the growing wearable market across the world, Sony strategize to provide excellent component devices which have the attributes of superior sensors and faster communication.

A recent report published by TechSci Research, Global LTE Consumer Devices Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2020, the global market for LTE consumer devices projected to grow at a CAGR of more than 26% during 2015-2020. Rising adoption of LTE technology in emerging economies, increasing number of new LTE enabled registered devices, such as cameras and other wearable devices, mounting Machine-to-Machine connections, Internet of Things (IoT) and declining global average selling prices of LTE devices is projected to propel growth in global LTE consumer devices market through 2020.

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