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Apple to setup a new technology center and back office operations in India

India: Apple, the premium smartphone brand is planning to open a new technology center and back office operations office in Hyderabad, India. The center is planned to accommodate 2,500 employees in its 2.5 lakh square feet space.

The company is in talks with the real estate player Tishman Speyer for ten years lease and for the office space in the outskirts of the city. It is expected that the yearly expenditure to the company will be close to INR 150 Crore.

Later, the iconic maker of iPhones may consider asking for the space for it to build its own campus from Telegana Government.

The market research and consulting firm TechSci Research depicts that the strategic move to set up the technology development and back office center in India by the US firm Apple is going to benefit the company as well as the country. The low cost employee cost and competitive talent in India provides the advantage for technology firms to run their operations on efficiently on low cost. Likewise, for the nation it is an inclusive growth of the industry as well as the source of development.

Further, TechSci Research analyses that Hyderabad has emerged as the IT hub in last few years and 

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