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Coca-Cola to Re-Structure its Brand Identity in India

India: US beverage maker Coca- Cola is re-designing its strategy for Indian market. The company will be changing the design of the pet bottles and cans of coke, coke Zero and Diet Coke and all the three brands will have a same look with minor variations.

Coca- cola is all set to gear up its identify with new slogan “Taste the Feeling” replacing its seven-year-old slogan “Open Happiness”. The Brand in India is currently endorsed by the Bollywood celebrities like Alia Bhat and Sidharth Malhotra, the company is planning to run the advertisements with Indian specific content.

In addition to Indian Specific content advertisements, Coca Cola will also play Global advertisements.

According to Techsci Research the company’s strategy of revamping its brand identity by bringing all the brands under one major umbrella ‘Coca- Cola’ will help them to focus on the products instead of Brand Endorsers.

By unifying their strategy as “all for one and one for all” will also help them to reduce the marketing costs for individual brands. The company’s strategy to reposition itself as a safer drink by associating with its zero calorie product will help them to enhance their image and market share, when most of the beverages brand are facing the heat for selling sugary carbonated drinks.

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