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Global Activated Carbon Market to Cross US$ 3 Billion by 2017

 The rising worldwide concern on environmental pollution has alerted governments to enact stringent regulations creating a myriad of opportunities for global activated carbon players.

The global activated carbon market has remarked a bolstered growth in recent times and bears a great potential to continue accelerating the growth and generating huge revenues during this decade. Due to increased worldwide concern on rising environment pollution, governments are confronting some adverse effects in the form of water and air contamination. This has created a huge market for certain products and systems which can act as safeguards to counter these problems. Activated carbon has been extremely successful as a remediation solution to counter the problem of air and water purification through its excellent adsorbent properties. Furthermore, activated carbon offers numerous other product related advantages which have created a myriad of opportunities for players to seek options in new potential markets with new applications. 

According to recently published report by TechSci Research Global Activated Carbon Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2017 the global activated carbon industry has benefitted from the positive global environment. In 2011, the global installed capacity for activated carbon reached 1,620 Thousand tons that is expected to grow incessantly right through 2017 at the compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11%. Along with this, global activated carbon market is also growing progressively that is expected to reach total market value of over US$ 3 Billion by 2017. Increasing market growth has attracted a number of players to enter this profitable market however the market is dominated by three large scale global corporations which accounted nearly 68% share of global sales volumes in 2011 including Calgon Corporation, Norit N.V. and MeadWestvaco Corporation. Other companies including Siemens Industry, Haycarb, Arkema, Osaka Gas, Kuraray, etc are other big names that are giving active competition to market leaders. 

The competition in the global market is emergent as new low cost manufacturers are mushrooming in countries especially China. Therefore companies now require a clearly defined vision along with a strategic roadmap which would help them survive in the growing worldwide competition and sustain their growth for a longer period of time. “Companies also need to focus on sustainability at every element of their global value chains as it needs several improvements to deliver sustainability. Companies also need to identify new market opportunities, focus on R&D to enable new product developments, new application developments, etc. Achieving all these improvements will secure them to continue growing, increase profits, save energy, reduce emissions and create a greener tomorrow”, said Karan Chechi, Research Director at TechSci Research. 

Global Activated Carbon Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2017’ has evaluated the future growth potential of activated carbon market and provides statistics and information on market structure, trends and opportunities. The report includes segmental market projections and demand forecasting. The report is intended to provide cutting-edge market intelligence and help decision makers to take sound investment evaluation. Besides, the report also identifies and analyzes the emerging trends along with essential drivers, challenges and opportunities available in activated carbon market worldwide.


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