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Michelin launched an online sales portal for France

France: Along with the launch of Michelin sport 4 tyre in France, company has also announced its trial on the online sales of tyre directly to the consumer, which would start probably by the first quarter of 2016. Furthermore, the company has announced that its new tyre “Pilot Sport 4” would be the first tyre to be sold via online sales channel.

Online sales would take place via temporary pop-up store at the Michelin’s official website for France: “” and the process would involve around four steps to be followed by the consumer to buy the tyre online and would be able to fix an appointment with the authored distributor or dealer for delivery and fitment of tyres. Consumer would also have an option to get an advice for tyres via “chat” option on the company’s website. The online purchase from the Michelin website would also offers the money back guarantee to the consumer.

According to the company official, the online sales through website will be on the trial run for approximately three to four months, with a target of selling around 2,500 tyre in the trial run. Further, the ordering and delivery process would be dependent on the coordination with authorised dealer or distributor of the company. Trial run of online e-retaling clears company’s intention of entering into the direct consumer market.

TechSci Research considers that Michelin has already accomplished its position in France tyre market, being a domestic brand. Also by taking this initiative it is further increasing its penetration in the country which would enhance the market share of Michelin in France.

The recent report published by TechSci Research, “France Tyre Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2020” Over the last decade, internet and smartphone have changed business strategies for industries. The E-commerce industry evolved as a key player in supply chain demand, providing consumers with various products at doorstep.

During 2010-2014, internet penetration is growing on a rapid rate in the country. It increased from 77% (per 100 people) in 2010 to nearly 83% (per 100 people) by 2014. The internet penetration has forced the market leaders to realign their business strategies in the country, which somehow has offered a huge customer base to the tyre companies as well. Moreover, by taking on e-retailing sales channel, Michelin would able to gain an advantage over its competitors in France tyre market.

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