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Cisco launches new enterprise product, Cloud Consumption as a Service platform

United States: Cisco introduced the new enterprise product -Cloud Consumption as a Service to monitor the use of third party software provided on cloud by the employees within the organization. The product aims to mitigate the issues arise due to the usage of unauthorized cloud services which employees use that are not formally approved. In the information technology, it is called ‘Shadow IT’ and it creates a lot of issues for the enterprises by exposing the system to malware, using the bandwidth or failure to comply with laws.

According to the Cisco Executive Bob Dimicco, Shadow IT is the growing concern for enterprises. Most companies with more than 5,000 employees used an average of 91 cloud services, however, in actual number is 1,220 -more than 10 times what IT estimated.

With this product, Cisco aims to provide a platform which reduces the risks associated with Shadow IT, and to provide in-depth insight how and when employees are using these services. Once the Cloud Consumption as a Service platform is deployed, it identified various services and monitors the traffic and analyzes the trend and predict the future requirement. Also, it can track the information at the granular level by giving information about accessed websites by individual employees.

Cisco plans to adopt monthly pricing method by charging $1-2 per employee.

As per TechSci Research, Cisco most of the revenue comes from switching and routing products but these segments are not growing with the fast pace. On the other hand, cloud services are one of the fastest growing segment in IT and through its new product offering, Cisco aims to open the new stream of revenue. In the global market, Cisco has to compete with companies such as Netskope, Skyhigh, Cloudability and others which are offering similar products. However, Cisco product comes with the advantage of offering more details on usage and about individual third party service provider.

The Global Cloud Computing Market will witness innovation in product and large enterprises are expected to introduce products which enhance the usability of the cloud within IT ecosystem, as depicted in the recent report “India Cloud Computing Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2020” published by TechSci Research.

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