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Metzeler to expand its motorcycle slick tyre line

Italy: Metzeler Tyres have launched two completely new slick tyres under its motorcycle tyre portfolio in the beginning of the new year. The newly added treadless pairs i.e. Racetec RR Slick especially designed for racing and Racetec RR Compk Slick designed for training on amateur track. The company also introduced the treaded version, Racetec RR tyre last year, however, both new tyres are designed as NHS (Not for Highway Service) and are required to be used only on tracks or where allowed as per the regulations.

According to Metzeler Moto subsidiary of Metzeler based in the UK, few most important characteristics of the superbike racing tyre, Racetec RR Slick even when pushed to its ultimate limit are that the tyre maintains handling, grip and riding precision. Also, the company claimed that the tyres are flexile in terms of high adaptability in various types of asphalt, in varied temperature & motorcycle, easy to use, long life and with consistent performance.

As per the company officials, the Racetec RR Slick is mend to be used by riders on competitive track events or on racing tracks. The tyre is aimed for the professional and semi-professional riders for both racing and training purposes. On the other hand, the Racetec RR Compk Slick is specifically designed for non-professionals only who regularly train on tracks. The ‘RR’ label in the newly launched tyres, stands for Road Racing.

TechSci Research considers that Metzeler is already an accomplished brand in the market, which is manufacturing specifically motorbike tyres under the division of Pirelli, Italy. By launching the two advance tyres for sports purposes, the company have widened its motorbike racing tyre portfolio.


The recent report published by TechSci Research, Italy Tyre Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2020 depicts the growing potential of Italy’s two-wheeler segment, wherein, several tyre giants are providing two-wheeler tyres as Original equipment fitment to various motorbike companies. The recent launch of two all-new bike racing tyre by Metzeler will result in the growing presence of Pirelli across the country as well as all over the European region. Moreover, by unveiling the two-wheeler racing tyres, the company would give a tough competition to other premium brand two-wheeler tyres.

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