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PPG completes construction of Electrocoat Blending Facility in China

China: PPG Industries has completed the construction of electro coat coatings blending division at its resin manufacturing plant at Zhangjiagang, China. PPG industries, Inc. is a US based company that specializes in manufacturing and distribution of paints, coatings, specialty materials and glass products. The new division has been built on 37,500ft² area with an investment of USD20 million as an addition to existing manufacturing facility. The resin manufacturing plant at Zhangjiagang has been serving the coating business of the company across Asia Pacific region with an annual production capacity of 27,000 tons. E-coat technology finds its application in delivering high coating consistency, competence and this technology also offers great resistance to corrosion.

According to TechSci research, introduction of new electro coat blending facility would help PPG to strengthen its market position in China. Additionally, increased product portfolio would augment the company in delivering eco-friendly coatings which will be inclusive of waterborne e-coat products.

According to report published by TechSci Research, China PET and PBT Resins Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2020, China has been witnessing growing demand for resins, PET and PBT resins on account of increasing usage in end user industries such as packaging films/sheets, bottling, and electronic and automotive components. Wherein, China PET market continues to be dominated by PET packaging films and sheets and China PBT market continues to be dominated by electrical and electronics components and automotive components industry.

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